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Gender Studies

Approved Gender Studies Courses Current as of January 2018

To determine which approved courses will be offered in the next academic term open Web Adviser and look for the drop down menu next to Course Types. Click on IG (for Gender Studies). This will generate a complete list. To determine when any particular course will next be offered, consult with the department offering the course.

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Approved Gender Studies Courses
 Note: The course names are key, because some of the numbers are used for non-Gender Studies Courses.
 Course Number  Course Name
 AH202 African Art
 AH301 Women in Art
 AH316  Realism and Impressionism
 CL329 Women in Greece and Rome
 DR362/ WR385 Contemporary Women Playwrights
 DR370D Queer Theatre and Film
 EN203 Where the Heart is: Building a Home in American Literature
 EN307 Medieval Passion
 EN367 American Feminist Intellectuals
 EN371 At Home in the World: Place and Displacement in Contemporary Literature
 EN372 Poetry in Public
 EN379 Gender in American Literature
 EN383 Radicals and Pretenders: Bohemianism in Modern Literature
 FR351 French Women Writers of the Renaissance
 FR375 Women's Voices in the Francophone World
 GR358 Sexual Politics in German Drama
 HS329 Women in Greece and Rome
 HS367 Black Women in the Atlantic World
 HS389 Women and Social Change in Modern Africa
 HS390 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America (previously HS441)
 HS397 Women and Gender in the Arab World
 HS414 Women in Europe
 IT351 Italian Women Writers of the Renaissance
 ML309 Gender, Peace and Justice in East Asia
 ML324 Representations of Women in Premodern Chinese Literature
 ML375 Women and Men in Twentieth-Century Latin American literature
 PL232 Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature
 PL337 Philosophy and Feminism
 PL339 Twentieth-Century Women Philosophers
 PS364 International Relations through Non-Western Lenses
 PS352 Gender, Human Rights and Conflict
 PY256 Psychology of Gender
 PY353 Contemporary Issues in Psychology
 PY420  LGBTQ and Religious Issues
 SC204 The Family
 SC210 Introduction to Gender Studies (Required for the minor)
 SC220 Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender
 SC341 Independent Study in Gender Studies
 SC361 Social Inequality
 SC366  Sociology of Sexuality
 SC368  Masculinities
 SC421  Seminar: Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality
 SC422  Seminar: Gender, Sexuality and Capitalism
 SC430  Seminar: Gender and Justice
 SC434  Seminar: Women and Deviance
 SN335  Contemporary Spanish Literature: 1975 to the Present
 SN361  Civilization and Barberism in Argentine Culture
 SN365  Latin American Essay and Early Cultural Studies
 SN370  Nineteenth-Century Latin American Novel
 SN373  Literature and Identity Politics in Peru
 SN380  Modernismo
 TH211 / CL226  Women in the Christian Tradition
 TH329  Medieval Women Authors
 TH354  Male and Female in the Kingdom of God: Contemporary Gender Perspectives on the Bible
 WR322  Gendered Rhetoric
 WR351  Art of the Essay: Women Writers
 WR386  The Rhetoric of Race, Class and Gender

Study Abroad

Some study abroad programs offer the opportunity to take gender studies course work.  For example, in the past several years, the Copenhagen program has offered, Human Trafficking in Global Context, Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia, Gender Perspectives on Human Rights, Women. Art and Identity, and Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Europe. Students, please follow the instructions for qualifying a course from another institution for gender studies credit.  This is an important step to ensure that each course has the appropriate gender content and that you do not duplicate a course that you have already taken at Loyola.

"Grandmothered" courses

Course numbers and course titles sometimes change. The following information pertains to courses that have received gender studies credit.

*Previously approved courses taken prior to Fall 2015, will be honored for the classes of 2016, 2017 & 2018: CL211, CL301, CL334, EN211, EN302, EN389, HS301, HS334, ML375, PS392, PY351, SC104, SC207, SN375

**Previously approved courses taken prior to F2016 will be honored for the classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019: PY254 (Psychology of Women), DR362 (Queer Theory and Film), SC221 (Sociology of Sexuality).

*** Previously approved courses taken prior to F2017 will be honored for the classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020: HS448 (Women and Gender in the Arab World).