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For Prospective Students
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For Current Students and the International Component


For Prospective Students

What does a typical four-year schedule of a global studies major look like?

A link to a sample four year Global Studies major schedule can be found here.

Do all global studies majors go abroad?

No. The curriculum demands that all global studies must participate in one of the following: a study abroad program, an internationally-related service experience, or an internationally-related internship.

What type of jobs/careers do global studies majors hold after the graduate?

Global studies offers excellent preparation for entry-level employment with multinational corporations, government agencies, international governmental organizations, such as the U.N. and the World Trade Organization, and international nongovernmental organizations. A list of potential jobs/career paths can be found here.

Can you have a double major with global studies?

Yes. Being an interdisciplinary major, global studies can be easily paired with a major from the four disciplines it is based in. Additionally, since the global studies major only requires 15 courses, it can also be paired with a number of other majors found at Loyola.

How many global studies majors are there in the program?

There are typically 30-40 global studies majors in each class year. As of the 2014-2015 academic year there are 139 global studies majors at Loyola.


For Current Students

How many required courses are there in the global studies curriculum?

There are 15 required courses in the global studies curriculum.

Can I take courses outside of Loyola for the major?

Yes. However, the student must seek approval from several different places. First the department that the class is for (Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History) must determine whether the class is eligible for transferable credit. If the class is deemed eligible for transferable credit, the student must then receive approval from the faculty adviser that determines whether the course will be counted towards the global studies major. If the course is approved by the adviser, the student must email an explanation as to why they are taking the course, a syllabus of the course, and any other relevant documents to the following people/departments: the student’s faculty adviser, the Academic Advising and Support Center, and the Global Studies Director.

How likely is it for someone to create a topic of interest?

Students interested in shaping a topic of their own will have to draft a one-page proposal that suggests a title, offers a brief rationale, and lists some of the courses they intend to take; students will have to discuss their project with their advisor and – after an agreement between student and advisor has been reached – submit the final proposal to the Global Studies director for acceptance, copying the advisor.

Can I cross count courses with my minor(s) or second major?

Yes. As long as there is an agreement in policy between the global studies major and the affected department, then the courses can be cross-counted. Check with your adviser to ensure that your classes will be cross-counted.


Should I go abroad? When/where? Or, should I get an internship?

Speak with your adviser to discern what is the best option to fulfill the international experience component. Additionally, a link to International Programs can be found here.


How can I take a sixth course?

To take a sixth course a student must gain official approval from their advisor.        

For Current Students and the International Experience Component

Where can I find information about different study abroad programs?

Students can find information about Loyola and non-Loyola study abroad programs on the International Programs Website.

Where can I find information about different internationally related service experiences?

As of the 2014-2015 academic year, there is only one international service experience. A link to Encounter El Salvador can be found here.

Where can I find information about different internationally related internships?

Students may fulfill their International Experience component by taking service learning courses and participating in service. Prior to enrolling in a course, students should talk to their global studies adviser to receive a list of approved global studies service learning courses. Service-Learning Courses

What courses should I take abroad? How do I determine my choices?

On the International Programs website, students can find links to each Loyola study abroad program. In each program's webpage there is a "Course Equivalencies" link or something similar. These lists are routinely updated and provide information on available classes in each location.