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Global Studies

Global Studies Club

What is this "Global Studies" major everyone is talking about?

I’m excited about my Global Studies classes—how can I connect with other students and pursue these interests outside of the classroom?

Where does my major fit into Jesuit education and how will I use it in my life after graduation?

Are there other students here at Loyola who want to talk about global issues? About how we affect the world and how it affects us?

If these questions sound familiar, consider joining the Global Studies Club. The Global Studies Club is run by Global Studies students for Global Studies students. We are open to any ideas about speakers, activities, advocacy, career planning, or anything you would be interested in doing to make your major part of your lived experience. And if you’d just like to meet other majors, this is the group for you!

Our world goes further than the beautiful Loyola campus. Our world is all-encompassing, and we are individuals seeking the full experiences of life. We are individuals who want to apply our knowledge of the world to create an informed future. A nurturing future. A safe future.


Caroline Annis