Loyola University Maryland

Department of History

The Major/Minor

History majors must take a minimum of 13 history courses, to include the following:

  • The Making of the Modern World - HS101 through HS108 (first year)
  • History Methods - HS400 (sophomore year)
  • 2 Special Topics Courses (junior or senior year). Note: Students may substitute additional seminars in place of special topics courses.
  • 1 History Seminar (junior or senior year)
  • 8 other upper-division courses (300- or 400-level)

History minors must take a total of 6 history courses:

  • The Making of the Modern World - HS101 through HS108 (first year)
  • 1 400-level course (Special Topics or History Seminar)
  • 4 other upper-division courses (300- or 400-level)

Selected majors may apply in their junior year for a departmental honors project, centered around an extensive research paper or thesis and written in the senior year.

History major and minor requirements are deliberately flexible in order to accommodate a wide variety of other subjects of study. History advisors will work with students to tailor the most appropriate individual program of work at Loyola.

History majors who graduate from Loyola will:

  • Have an appreciation of both change and continuity across time.
  • Have a broad understanding of the major developments in Europe and the world from the Renaissance through the Cold War.
  • Have a more specialized knowledge of particular events, time periods, and places in the United States, Europe, and the non-Western world.
  • Have an understanding of how historians interpret the past and use and evaluate primary and secondary sources to construct arguments.
  • Have an appreciation of historical methodologies and the ability to conduct research using library and web-based sources.
  • Have the ability to craft arguments based on evidence and to present those arguments in well-written, analytical essays.
  • Have an appreciation of the past as a source for reflection on ethical issues and social justice, informed by the Jesuit tradition.

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More information on program requirements can be found in the online version of the Undergraduate Course Catalog.