Loyola University Maryland

Department of History

Course Offerings: The Big Board

Below is a tentative listing of the courses that will be offered in the next few years, listed by professors last name (Click here for a numerical list of courses.). Students should note that the list is subject to change. For more information on History course descriptions, click here. Click on the professors' names to link to their profiles. Majors are strongly suggested to take History Methods (HS 400) their sophomore year.

Instructor FA 19
 Dr Bolanos

HS 107D

HS 396D


Fr. Borges

HS 101


Dr. Carey


HS 395


Dr. DeVries


 Dr. Diehl


On Leave

Ms. Edwards

 HS 101

HS 332


 Dr. England HS 103  
Dr. Franco  HS108D  
Dr. Jamison 

HS 103

HS 359


Dr. Mulcahy

HS 102M

HS 346


Dr. Okoh 

HS 389D

HS 400


Mr. Parks

HS 105D 

HS 105M


Dr. Parlopiano

HS 101

HS 101M

HS 304

Dr. Pegram



Dr. Ross 

HS 101

HS 478


Dr. Sandler 

HS 319

HS 417


Dr. Scalenghe

HS 107D


Dr. Taylor

HS/CL 300  

Dr. Walsh

HS 475/CL 324


Ual Bradley, Jr.

Alumnus shares his passion for saving the honeybees and the unexpected life journey that sparked it