Loyola University Maryland

Department of History

Dr. Oghenetoja Okoh

Assistant Professorokoh
Office: Humanities 312

Curriculum Vitae


Oghenetoja Okoh received her B.A. at the University of Minnesota and earned her Ph.D. from New York University. She taught at the University of Akron before coming to Loyola. The working title of current book manuscript – Contesting from the Margins: Minority Identity and Citizenship in Nigeria, 1928-1960 – reflects her current research agenda. She teaches 20th century African and African diaspora history, with expertise on questions of ethnicity, gender, and citizenship.


  • HS 106 The Making of the Modern World:Africa
  • HS 389D Gender and Power in Modern Africa
  • HS 400 History Methods


  • The history department welcomes Dr. Okoh to Loyola in the Fall 2018

Emma Cogan

Emma Cogan

Emma’s undergraduate experience at Loyola formed the basis for her work in human rights and public health