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Dr. Andrew I. Ross

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Andrew Israel Ross received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, with specializations in modern France, the history of sexuality, cultural history, and women’s and gender studies. His research focuses on the relationship between sexuality and urban history and his first book, Public City/Public Sex: Homosexuality, Prostitution and Urban Culture in Nineteenth-Century Paris, was published in 2019 with Temple University Press. His research has also appeared in the Berkeley Journal of Sociology, The Journal of the History of Sexuality, and French Historical Studies. Ross previously taught at Kenyon College and the University of Southern Mississippi and he offers courses in European history, urban history, and the history of gender and sexuality. You can see more about his research and teaching at his website (www.andrewisraelross.com) and you can follow him on Twitter @aiross0.



  • HS 101 The Making of the Modern World: Europe
  • HS 330 Gender, Race and Class in Modern Europe
  • HS 416 Sex and the City
  • HS 478 Global Histories of Sexuality




andrew ross book

  • Professor Andrew Ross's book was published August 8, 2019. Public City/Public Sex traces the relationship between prostitution, homosexuality, and urban change in nineteenth-century Paris. 

andrew ross book cover public city public sex

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