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2016-2017 Essay Contest Winners

Seminar Papers

First place: Peter Berry, "Honor and Violence in the Slave Quarters," HS 479 (Hughes)

First place: James Kelly, "Hamilton, Jefferson, and the Constitutionality of a National Bank," 
HS 466 (Mulcahy)

Second place: Megan Bottino, "Elizabeth Hamilton and Women’s Rights in the Early Republic," HS 466 (Mulcahy)


Upper Level Long

First place: Nick Capicotto, "The Impact of Tiyu on China," HS 377 (Diehl)

Second place: Sasha Korn, "Colonial South Carolina’s Balance of Power: The Middle Ground in the Death of Acorn Whistler," HS 343 (Johnson)

Second place: Calix O’Hara, "A Second War: Moses Van Campen in the American Revolution," HS 346 (Mulcahy)


Upper Level Short

First place: Katherine Walpole, "A Historical Essay on the Power of the Gestapo," HS 319 (Sandler)

Second place: Amanda Waggoner, "News Coverage of the Freedom Rides in Alabama May-June 1961," HS 366D (Pegram)

Third place: Phoebe Labat, "What We Have Here is Failure to Reciprocate," HS 343 (Johnson)


100 Level

First place: Kaili McDonald, "A Critique on the Shear Power of a Haircut," HS 101.11 (Sandler)

Second place: Justin Worster, "Down and Out in the Great Depression: Letters from Concerned African-Americans and their Prejudiced Neighbors," HS 103.01 (Pegram)