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Honors Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Current Students

  • Thomas Howard '19 was awarded a Hauber Summer Fellowship to work with Prof. Elizabeth Dahl (Chemistry) on Assessing Air Quality in Urban and Greenspaces in Baltimore.
  • Nichol Schneider '19 was awarded a Hauber Summer Fellowship to work with Profs. Roger Eastman (Computer Science) and Jeffrey Witt (Philosophy) on “Segmentation and Analysis of Handwritten Medieval Text for for Automatic Indexing.”  She also received an honorable mention in the Barry Goldwater Felllowship competition this year.
  • John Garrow '20 was accepted into the American Enterprise Institute summer honors program, which is focused on K-12 education in the United States.
    Zachary Metzler (Class of 2020) received a summer undergraduate fellowship with the American Association of Physicists in Medicine to do research at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center focusing on data-oriented analysis of various proton and x-ray treatment modalities on pancreatic cancer.  Zach also received an honorable mention in this year’s competition for a Barry Goldwater Fellowship.
  • James White '20 was awarded a Hauber Summer Fellowship to conduct research with Prof. Timothy B. P. Clark (Mathematics) looking into alternative dice labels to understand the alternative labelings of n-sided dice that create the same set of outcomes as rolling standard n-sided dice. 


  • Alexander Akers '18 was admitted to Hofstra University’s graduate program in linguistic anthropology, the only such program in the country.  Alex was also awarded the medal for highest attainment in Classical Civilization.
  • Alexander Batton '18 will be attending the Carey School of Law at the University of Maryland in the fall.
  • Connor Blancato '18 will be attending Brooklyn Law School in the fall.
  • Natalie Cori '18 will be attending Teacher's College, Columbia University in the fall to pursue her Master's in Social-Organizational Psychology. 
  • James Engel, Jr. '18 was accepted into the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology graduate program at Johns Hopkins.
  • Andrew Lucibella '18 and Madalyn Myers '18 received the Whelan Medal, tying with three other students for the top GPA at graduation.  
  • Andrew Lucibella '18 also received the Whiteford Medal for History and will be attending the University of Massachusetts/Amherst to pursue his M.A. in Public History in Fall 2018.
  • Eliana Marzullo '18 received the Global Studies Medal. In addition to the Whelan Medal, Madalyn Myers, who is a star swimmer, received the Mary O’Meara Loyola University Club Scholar-Athlete Award, the Carrell Biology Medal, and the Grindall Psychology Medal.  She will be a research assistant at the Johns Hopkins University Medical School in the fall.
  • John Mucciolo '18 will be attending Cornell Law School in Fall 2018.
  • Kelly Mueller '18 will attend Indiana University Bloomington in the fall to pursue a Ph.D. in History with full funding.  She also received the P. Edward Kaltenbach Classics Medal.
  • Christine Phillips will pursue an M.A. in Teaching from Loyola University Maryland in the fall.
  • Catherine Seeger received the McNeal Chemistry Medal.  She will attend medical school at Pennsylvania State University in the fall.
  • Amy Swartz '18 will be attending Georgetown University this fall, pursuing an M.A. in Art and Museum Studies.
  • Sarah Trent '18 had research published in The Journal of Surgical Education evaluating methods of laparoscopic suturing and was admitted to 5 medical schools.  She will attend Georgetown University School of Medicine this fall.  Sarah is currently a partner in a medical research team associated with the University of Heidelberg.
  • Samantha Van Doren '18 has been admitted to the Columbia/London School of Economics graduate program in History.
  • Ian McNeeley '17 has been admitted Washington University’s graduate program in Classics with a full financial fellowship.
  • Jessica Valenti '17 will attend Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Pennsylvania.
  • Katie Henry '16 has been admitted to the Ph.D. program in English at the University of Buffalo with a full Presidential Fellowship. 
  • Haleigh Morgus '16  has completed her M.A. from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies & Nanjing University and was awarded “Outstanding Thesis.”  The thesis was written in China and in Chinese.


  • Of 34 departmental medals, Honors students won 7—that is, students in a program that makes up less than 5% of the student body won 20% of the medals.
  • 12 of the Class of 2018 inducted into Phi Beta Kappa were Honors students.
  • Acceptance rate for Honors applicants to medical schools was 100% this year.  For all Loyola students, it was 70%.  Nationwide the acceptance rate is 39%.
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Gavin Blasdel

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