Loyola University Maryland

Latin American and Latino Studies


Dr. Federico Supervi comes to Loyola to offer his insights on Latinos and the Media


Dr. Federico Subervi, nationally-acclaimed Latino media scholar and consultant, came to Loyola on February 18th to discuss the proportional lack of interest the US news media have in 17 percent of the population, the Latino people. He explained how the terms “Hispanic” and “Latino” encompass many national origins, the most populous of them being Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and Salvadorans, among others. Professor Subervi pointed out that national origins are not the only distinguishing characteristics of Latinos because the percentage of their lives rather than aggregate years spent in the US varies widely and shapes their political lenses; the more time spent in the US, the more Latinos understand how things work. Another issue Latinos face with the news media is the difficulty they have getting unbiased news, especially about themselves. He warned that Latinos and other audiences need to get news that is verifiable, independent, and accurate. Of course that is a good warning for all of us. We are so happy we could spend an evening with Dr. Subervi!