Loyola University Maryland

Graduate Program in Liberal Studies

Degree Requirements

All liberal studies courses are three credits. Thirty-six credits (12 courses) are required to complete the degree. Normally a student will complete the required 12 courses within the Loyola liberal studies program.

Two curricular options exist for students in liberal studies. Under the first option, the student takes all her/his twelve classes in the LS program. The remaining option permits students to "import" up to six credits, or two classes toward the degree. Independent study courses are seldom permitted and then only very late in the student's program of studies when the student has a well-developed research plan in mind and has discussed it with a faculty member who has agreed to monitor it. The capstone project option encourages students to engage in extended, cross-disciplinary research and to present a sustained composition and a public presentation as the final course in the program.

Courses outside the Loyola Liberal Studies Program

All students must complete at least ten courses or thirty credits within Loyola’s liberal studies program. No more than six credit hours in total from courses outside the Program or outside the University will count toward the Loyola M.A.L.S. degree.

The option of taking courses outside the Liberal Studies Program may be exercised in any one, or any combination, of the following ways:

  • Classes completed at the graduate level prior to admission to Loyola
  • Classes in Loyola graduate programs other than liberal studies in the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Classes at the graduate level in Loyola’s School of Education
  • The director's prior written approval is required for all courses outside the liberal studies program. Students taking courses in other programs must meet all the prerequisites for any course they select. It is the student’s responsibility to determine whether the desired class has prerequisites or conditions that limit or prohibit students from outside the department in question from registering for it.

Classes Completed Prior To Loyola Admission

Students who are accepted to the graduate program in Liberal Studies may be permitted to transfer up to six credits (two courses) toward their degree for graduate courses taken at other institutions. These courses must have been taken in an accredited school's graduate program within five years of the date of admission to Loyola University Maryland, and the student must have received a grade of “B” or higher. Only courses whose content and workload are consonant with the goals and learning aims of the Liberal Studies program will be considered. Students are not eligible to apply for advanced standing credits until they have successfully completed three courses in the Liberal Studies program and are in good academic standing. Requests for transfer of credits must be made in writing to the Director of Program Operations using the multi-form and instructions provided on the “Graduate Program in Liberal Studies” team site accessed through the link provided on the Inside Loyola homepage. This request should be accompanied by an official transcript, a copy of the syllabus for the course, and an explanation of how this course fits into the Liberal Studies curriculum. Applications for advanced standing credit must be submitted before a student enrolls in his or her ninth course.