Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Minor in Mathematics

The Department offers a minor in Mathematics. The focus of the minor can take many directions depending on the courses selected. Students pursuing a minor should discuss their academic and career interests with a department faculty member. Requirements for a minor are a minimum of six, three- or four-credit MA courses including:

  • MA 251, 252
  • One 400-level MA/ST course for those graduating with a degree in Business, Social Science or the Humanities, or two 400- level courses for those graduating with a degree in Natural or Computer Science.
  • Remaining MA/ST courses at or above the 200-level.  (Those graduating with a degree in the social sciences or humanities may also count ST110.)

Students interested in this minor should consider MA251 instead of MA151 and ST210 instead of ST110. Those graduating in a natural or computer science may replace one MA/ST 400-level course with two MA/ST 200- or 300-level courses, totaling seven courses for the minor.