Loyola University Maryland

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Pi Mu Epsilon Initiation and Mathematics and Statistics Awards Ceremony 2019

April 5, 2019


Nicole R. Schneider '19
President of Maryland Epsilon Chapter, Pi Mu Epsilon


W. Ethan Duckworth, Chair
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lisa Schneider, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Salisbury University
"Can 'q' count the ways?"

Achievement Award

Senior - Mathematics Major Nicole R. Schneider '19
Senior - Statistics Major John R. Fluck '19
Junior - Mathematics Major James A. White '20
Junior - Statistics Major Rebecca M. Martino '20
Sophomore - Mathematics Major Victoria R Matos '21
Sophomore - Statistics Major Emily R. Cebulski '21
Freshman Moira E. Broomfield '22
Freshman Brian P. Hess '22
Freshman Bailey S. Whalen '22
Mathematics and Statistics Minor Award Edward A. Houseworth '19 (Economics)
  Udval Yun '19 (Finance)

Acknowledgment: Tutors and Graders

Peter W. Alves '19, Kaytin Matrangola '21, Sydney F. Pugh '19, Nicole R. Schneider '19, Allison J. Thomas '19, William R. Torres '20

A sincere thank you to these students!

Pi Mu Epsilon, Maryland Epsilon Initiation

New Inductees

  • Sarah J. Flaherty '20
  • Leah M. Dillingham '20
  • Jerry F. Artmstrong '20
  • Rebecca M. Martino '20
  • Anna M. Gribbon '19
  • Danielle Gelinas '19
  • Jacob S. Russo '20
  • Zachary B. Metzler '20
  • Victoria R. Matos '21
  • James A. White '20

Students inducted to Pi Mu Epsilon in 2018 yet to graduate:

  • Caroline A. Flavey '19
  • Jenna M. Christiani '19
  • Peter W. Alves '19
  • John R. Fluck '19
  • Sydney F. Pugh '19
  • Nicole R. Schneider '19
Bailey Whalen


Loyola's CPaMS Scholars program connected Bailey with a cohort of students that feel like family and challenge her to think critically