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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language core at Loyola?

In modern languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish), the language core may be fulfilled by completing the second semester at the intermediate level (AB104, CI104, FR104, GR104, IT104 or SN104).

May I take some of my language cores at home over the summer?

The department offers a limited number of summer online sessions in SN103 and SN104.

Students must take at least one language course at Loyola before taking a language course at another institution, unless approved by the Associate Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures.

As is the case for all transfer courses, students seeking to fulfill the core language requirement at other accredited institutions must obtain prior permission from the Chair of the department of Modern Languages and Literatures and the Academic Advising Student Center (AASC). Only courses at accredited institutions will be accepted. Obtain all necessary forms at AASC; AASC will also tell you the kinds of documentation you must provide and will forward your request to the department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

If I take the placement test at Loyola and place above 104, am I done with my language core?

Students who place higher than the 104 level on Loyola's world language placement exam may be exempt from the language core, pending confirmation from Loyola's Modern Languages and Literatures department after a proctored, on-site placement exam. Those students will need to complete one additional free elective in lieu of the language core. Students in the Honors program have other core requirements. Please see https://www.loyola.edu/academics/honors-program for more details.

We strongly encourage students who place out of the language core to continue their language skills. Students who place above 104 will receive retroactive credit for 104 once they complete higher-level language class, and they will be well positioned to add one of our majors or minors to their degree.

Do I receive college credit if I place above 104?

If a student places above 104 and chooses to continue the language by starting at the 200-level, the student will receive three credits for Intermediate Language II (104) retroactively upon completion of the upper-level course. Native speakers or students who place at the 300-level will receive retroactive credit for SN 203 or FR 216 upon completion of a 300-level course, which they can apply to their Spanish or French major or minor. 

If I have a learning disability, do I have to complete the language core?

All students must complete the language core. If you have specific needs for modification, contact the Disabilities Support Services Office .

If I am a language major or minor, how many courses may I take abroad toward my major or minor?

You may take a maximum of 50% of your major or minor courses abroad (three toward a minor, six toward a major). Also, majors and minors studying abroad must take one 300-level course in the department of the language of the major or minor upon their return to Loyola.  For more information, consult the course catalogue or your departmental advisor.

I'm interested in taking two or three languages. How can I fit these all into my schedule?

French and Spanish offer comprehensive introductory language courses that bear the number 161. You can take the comprehensive 161 course to jump start a second or third modern language. Or try CCLS, our innovative Comparative Cultures and Literary Studies major and minor. It encourages courses in more than one language and tradition, and includes courses from a variety of departments in the liberal arts. Or, you can have a double major, a split major, or a major in one field and a minor in another. Please consult a Modern Languages and Literature department advisor for details.

How do I get courses from elsewhere approved?

If the course for which you wish to earn credit does not fall into the above categories, then you must apply to take that course BEFORE taking it. 

  • If the course is a core course, you must make the request through AASC (Academic Advising Student Center); AASC will be able to tell you which documentation you must include and will forward your request to the department of Modern Languages and Literatures.
  • If you're planning on taking the course in a study abroad program, your course will be approved through the international program office.
  • Also note that you must receive a C or better in the course for the credits to transfer; the grades from other colleges and universities do not transfer (unless the course is taken as part of a Loyola program).

Which textbooks do you use for the core courses?

  • Arabic - Alif baa with Multimedia third edition for 101; Al-Kitaab fii Ta callum al-cArabiyya Part One, third edition for 102-103.
  • Chinese - Integrated Chinese Level I Part 1-Part II for CI101-103.
  • French - Vis-a-vis for FR 101-103.
  • German - Treffpunkt Deutsch for GR 101-103.
  • Italian - Avanti! for IT 101-103.
  • Spanish - Nexos for SN 101-103.
  • 104 in all modern world languages is a "capstone" course, and texts may vary from semester to semester.
Ellie Mallory

Ellie Mallory

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