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Mission Statement

In the tradition of the Jesuit educational mission, the department of Modern Languages and Literatures prepares students to live in and contribute to a diverse and changing world through the study of languages, literatures and cultures. The department develops the students’ ability to understand and communicate in the language at every level in culturally appropriate ways. Furthermore, the department strives to free students from parochial thinking so they can genuinely appreciate the value of difference.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures supports the 2020 Loyola University Maryland Faculty Anti-Racism Statement and adheres to its pledge that “as faculty members of a Jesuit university, we will work to enact best practices to create anti-racist classrooms and foster continuing discernment with respect to racial inequality, racism, and white supremacy among ourselves and with our students.”

To this end, Modern Languages and Literatures faculty, throughout the various language areas and cultures that we teach, commit to:

• providing learning opportunities where instances of inequity and discrimination can be identified and challenged.

• encouraging and supporting freedom of thought and expression for diverse viewpoints.

• creating student-friendly classroom environments free from bias and harassment.

From our teaching and mentoring we expect our students to develop an awareness of and sensitivity toward differences of culture, ethnicity, national origin, race, religion, gender identity, and age.

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Fall 2021 Course List

Spring 2021 Office Hours

Due to the Corona Virus, we are working partly on campus.

Thomas Ward

Thomas Ward, Ph.D.

A long-time proponent of service-learning, Dr. Ward's students connect with language and community through work with a Peruvian cooperative in Baltimore

Modern Languages & Literatures