Loyola University Maryland

Modern Languages & Literatures

The Mrs. Regina Ann Haig International Film Series

The Mrs. Regina Ann Haig International Film Series presents six films representing the national cinematic traditions taught by the faculty in the department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Its primary purpose is to enrich the Loyola community's knowledge and understanding of international cinema. Each film is presented by an expert in the field and following each viewing there is a reception and forum discussion, led by the presenter. 

The study and analysis of international cinema allows participants to come into contact with cultural artifacts that broaden their knowledge and awareness of different cultures, languages, traditions, histories, and societies. The series also allows for participants to engage in critical inquiries regarding their own cultural formation and thereby creates a space wherein mutually enriching cultural dialogues can take place. The series is graciously funded by the Alexander Haig endowment and is named for the former Secretary of State's mother.