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Dr. Nicolino Applauso

Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian

Photo of professor nicolino applauso against a park background. He has dark hair, glasses, and he is wearing a white button down shirt with short sleeves.

Maryland Hall 351K


  • University of Oregon, Ph.D. in Romance Languages, Major in Italian and Minor: Spanish
  • University of New Mexico, NM, Paleography and Codicology Certification in Medieval Manuscript Studies
  • Florida State University, M.A. in Italian Studies with Minor in Critical Theory
  • University of South Florida, B.A. in Italian Studies with Minor  in English and American Literature and Education

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Digital Humanities and Foreign Language Pedagogy.
  • Dante and Medieval History, Ethics, and Literature
  • Modern Italian History, Literature, Theatre, and Cinema
  • Italian-American History and Migration Literature
  • Humor, International Politics, and Satire

Honors, Awards, and Grants

  • C.J. "Bud" Ecalono Young Man Award Recipient for outstanding charity and social service in Baltimore and Maryland. Associated Italian American Charities of Maryland, Baltimore, MD (awarded in 2020)
  • Summer Study Grant for Affiliate Faculty, Center of the Humanities, Loyola University Maryland, 2019
  • Research and Travel Grant, Center for the Humanities, Loyola University Maryland, 2018
  • Catholic Studies Course Development Grants, Loyola University Maryland, 2017 
  • Research and Travel Grant, Center for the Humanities, Loyola University Maryland, 2015 
  • Beall Graduate Dissertation Scholarship, University of Oregon, 2009
  • Graduate Dissertation Fellowship, University of Oregon, 2009
  • Outstanding Graduate Award in Italian (for two consecutive years), Florida State University, 2004-2003
  • Phi Beta Kappa and All-Florida Academic Team Member, officially recognized in the Florida House of Representatives, 2000 [http://archive.flsenate.gov/data/session/2000/House/bills/billtext/pdf/h9153.pdf

Recent Courses Taught at Loyola University Maryland

  • Recent Courses Taught at Loyola University Maryland
  • IT101 Beginning Italian I
  • IT102 Beginning Italian II
  • IT103 Intermediate Italian I
  • IT104 Intermediate Italian II
  • IT302 Italian Literature and Civilization II: Romanticism
  • ML380: Italy and Italians in Today’s World
  • LS718: The Questions of Evil and Ethics from Medieval to Modern Culture 
  • Loyola 101: Leadership First-year Transition Seminar

Lectures and Presentations

Select Presentations at Scholarly Conferences

  • Blacks in Antiquity: How Kushites, Nubians, and Ethiopians Defined and Shaped Ancient Rome; Reflections on the works of Frank M. Snowden and Malcolm X.” National Foreign Language Day, Morgan State University, March 6, 2021.
  • The Black Lives Matter Movement in Italy, Spain, and Baltimore.” Co-organizer of the international virtual forum with BLM founders and activists from Rome, Madrid, and Baltimore. National Foreign Language Day, Morgan State University, March 4, 2021.
  • “Spike Lee on Italian American and African American Community Relations in Brooklyn in the 1980s and 1990s” Presenter and Moderator, LittleItalies: the Impact and Importance of Italian Language, Heritage, and Culture in the U.S. Italian Week 2021, Loyola University Maryland, February 22, 2021.
  • "Teaching Italian in Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States: Creating a New Academic Program and New Directions in the Humanities from Scratch." The Seventeenth International Conference in New Directions in the Humanities; 3-5 July 2019; The University of Granada, Spain.
  • “Twitter, Skype and the Millennials: Teaching Italian in the Post-Communicative Era.” Roundtable: New Approaches to Teaching Italian in the Millennium Era. 48th Annual NorthEast Modern Language Association (NEMLA) Convention, Baltimore, MD, 2017.
  • “Antislavery and Gender Equality: Music, Recitation & Dissent in Jester Public Performance.” NEMLA Convention, Baltimore, MD, 2017
  • “They Call Me Jeeg Robot: Science Fiction Cartoons and Films in Italian Cinema.” The Italian Week, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Loyola University Maryland, 2017
  • “The Garden of the Finzi-Continis: Holocaust, Memory, and Discrimination in WWII.” The Mrs. Regina Ann Haig International Film Series. Loyola University Maryland, 2016.
  • “Italian Club Kickoff Party: Italian Music and Karaoke.” Live music performance of Italian folk and pop songs with students. Sponsored by the Italian club, Loyola University Maryland, 2016.
  • “The Inscription in the Saint Clement Basilica in Rome: Comic Book Humor between Vernacular and Latin in Eleventh-Century Italy.” Lecture for the Singleton Center, Johns Hopkins University, MD, 2014
  • Organizer of the acting and mask workshop “Commedia dell’arte: Carnevale on the Stage,” Italian Week, Loyola University Maryland, 2014.
  • “Round Table: Nurturing the Undergraduate Program.” American Association of Italian Studies (AAIS) Annual Conference at the University of Oregon, 2012.

Invited Lectures and Professional Workshops

  • "Dante and Folgore da San Gimignano" invited keynote address by the Mayor and City Council of the city of San Gimignano, Italy (Summer 2022).

  • L'invettiva globale di Dante nel Medioevo italiano: Dalle mura del comune alle stelle del Paradiso” Invited lecture at the International Conference  Curses and Invectives: Abusive Literature in Classical Antiquity (and beyond), Università degli Studi di Udine (October 2021).  

  • San Pietro e l'allegoria della cloaca nel Paradiso XXVII: Tra satira, invettiva, sdegno e profezia.” Invited "Lectio magistralis" at the International  symposium Dante 2021: Allegorie dantesche, promoted by the city of Florence and the Università di Trento; sponsored by the French consulate and the Società Dantesca francese 8-10 April 2021. 

  • Can You Turn it into a Movie? New Strategies to Implement Social Justice, Awareness and Inclusion in the ItalianCurriculum from Primary School to Higher Education,” Teaching Italian Symposium, Equity in the Italian Curriculum. Montclair State University, October 23-24, 2020. 

  • “Do you speak Zoom? A Free Workshop on Challenges of Teaching and Learning Online.” Webinar workshop  hosted by Dr. Gonzalo Baptista and Dr. Nicolino Applauso; sponsored by the Department of World Languages and  International Studies at Morgan State University 

  • "Il Dante No TAV e antipopulista degli anni duemila: nuove tendenze sulla ricezione politica della Commedia in Italia, in Europa e nel mondo.” Invited lecture to the 

    international symposium’Ma qui la morta poesì resurga:’ Ricezione della Commedia di Dante Alighieri: letteratura, arti, didattica. 10-11 June 2019, University of  Wrocław, Poland. Sponsored by the Società Dante Alighieri of Rome, Wroclaw, and Krakow and the Ministry of Public Education in Italy and Poland.  
  • “African-Americans and the Future of Italian Studies: Teaching Italian in Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States.” Diversity in Italian Studies Symposium, John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, Queens College, CUNY, NY, January 2019 
  • “Government of Change: Populism and Isolationism in Italy and Europe after The Election.” Invited lecture for the Richard Nasti Lecture Series Event. Stony Brook University, New York, November 2018.
  • “Folgore da San Gimignano e l’importanza della letteratura in Italia.” Invited lecture by the Mayor and the City Council of the city of San Gimignano, Italy for the “Maggio dei Libri,” a National project sponsored by the Italian Minister of Education and Tourism to promote literature and education in Italy, May 2018
  • “Pier della Vigna: Dati biografici inediti e profilo storico.” Invited lecture at the Dante Symposium by the Società Dantesca Italiana, Palazzo dell'Arte della Lana, Florence, Italy, May 2018
  • “The Missing Veil of Mary: Freedom of Expression and Motherhood in the Madonnari Art: From Medieval Italy to Baltimore,” invited lecture at the Madonnari Arts Festival of Little Italy, Baltimore, MD. http://littleitalymadonnari.com/, September 2017 
  • La satira nella prosa epistolare di Dante e nell’ars dictaminis del Medioevo.” Invited lecture at the Convegno La satira in prosa: tradizioni, forme e temi dal Trecento al Risorgimento, sponsored by the Università di Roma TRE, Italy, March 2017
  • Guest lecture, “Satire and Propaganda: Political Satire in Fascist Italy and its Relevance Today,” HS 418: Mussolini and Italian Fascism, Professor Steven Hughes, Loyola University Maryland, November 2016.
  • “Folgore da San Gimignano e la parodia di Cenne della Chitarra: intrighi politici e poetici.” Invited lecture at the Convegno Internazionale sponsored by the Università di Roma TRE, Italy, June 2015
  • “Dante and the Ethics of Humor in Political Invective Poetry.” Invited lecture at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, February 2013 
  • “Rural Spaces in Boccaccio’s Decameron.” Invited lecture at Cambridge 2011: Rural Space Symposium, St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, July 2011

Service, Activities, and Memberships in Academic Societies

Service: College Activities (Representative assignments)

  • Italian Club Moderator (2018-Present) and (2013-2015)
  • Coordinator of the Italian core multi-sectional language program (2013-2015)
  • MLL Professional Development Workshop Committee (2013-2015)
  • Faculty Core Adviser for First-Year Students (2014-15; 2017-2021)
  • Committee Chair for M.A. in Liberal Arts, Giuliana Allen’s Master Thesis: Mirandolina and the Others. How and Why Women Adapt, Copy, or Contrast Male Actions,
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University, Spring 2015 
  • Editorial Board Member of the interdisciplinary journal Documenta (Fabrizio Serra Editori, Pisa, Italy) University of Bologna, Italy (2017-Present)

Memberships in Academic Societies

  • American Association of Italian Studies
  • American Association of Teachers of Italian
  • Dante Society of America



Dante Book Cover

Dante Satiro: Satire in Dante Alighieri's "Comedy" and Other Works, Lexington Books, Eds. Fabian Alfie and Nicolino Applauso. Manuscript 350 pages. Forthcoming in 2020.

Forthcoming Books

  • Italy Today: Changes and Challenges in the 21st Century after the Global Financial Crisis, 4th Revised Edition. Co-authored with Mario Mignone. (under contract)

Refereed Journal Articles, Translations, and Book Chapters published

  • African Americans and the Future of Italian Studies: Teaching Italian in Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States.” Diversity in Italian Studies. Ed. Anthony Tamburri and Siân Gibby. New York: Bordighera Press, 2021, 13-24.
  • “Folgore da San Gimignano.” The Literary Encyclopedia: Exploring Literature, History and Culture; eds. Carla Bregman and Jo Ann Cavallo. First published 29 June 2021  
  • Canto per Canto podcast series: Conversations with Dante in our time launched by the Dante Society of America to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death, and curated by the Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at New York University. Three virtual exchanges/reflections on selected cantos with fellow Dante scholars. 
  • When St. Peter Storms, Lightning Strikes: Paradiso 27 with Maggie Fritz-Morkin (University of North Carolina)
  • Envy and Nostalgia in the Romagna: Purgatorio 14 with Inga Pierson (New York University/Stanford University) 
  • Judgement Served: Inferno 13 with Claudia Rossignoli (University of St. Andrews)  
  • “Writing Like Dante: Understanding the Inferno through Creative Writing.” MLA’s Approaches to Teaching Dante’s Divine Comedy. 2nd edition. Eds. Christopher Kleinhenz and Kristina Olson. 2020, 223-30
  • “L’epistola a Pavia sull’Abate Tesauro,” DVD in Le Opere di Brunetto Latino, Maestro di Dante Alighieri, La Rettorica, Il Tesoretto, Il Tesoro, Scribi, Guido Cavalcanti, Dante Alighieri e Franciscus de Barberino. Ed. Julia Bolton Holloway. Florence: Regione Toscana, 2020.  
  • “Ethics: Ethical Dimensions of Medieval Comedy,” A Cultural History of Comedy: The Middle Ages. Ed. Martha Bayless. London, UK.: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020, 161-179. 
  • “Il Capo della cancelliere imperiale: Pier della Vigna:” Nel Duecento di Dante. I personaggi. Ed. Franco Suitner. Società Dantesca Italiana. Florence: Le lettere, 2020. 337-50. 
  •  “Scelestissimis florentinis: Violence, Satire, and Prophecy in the ars dictaminis and Dante’s Political Epistles.” Dante satiro: Satire in Dante Alighieri’s Comedy and Other Works. Eds. Fabian Alfie and Nicolino Applauso. Lanham, MD and London, UK: Lexington Books, 2020, 147-167. 
  • “La Satira in prosa di Dante nella tradizione dell'ars dictaminis medievale: il caso delle epistole politiche.” La satira in prosa: Tradizioni, forme e temi dal Trecento all’Ottocento. Eds. Giuseppe Crimi, Carlotta Mazzoncini, and Paolo Rigo. Florence: Franco Cesati Editore, 2019. 15-25.  
  • “Cenne della Chitarra.” The Literary Encyclopedia: Exploring Literature, History and Culture; eds. Carla Bregman and Jo Ann Cavallo (published in  2019)
  • “Sarcasm and its Consequences in Diplomacy and Politics in Medieval Italy: Brunetto Latini’s Letter to Pavia and Dante’s Monarchia.” Words that Tear the Flesh: Sarcasm in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Cultures. Eds. Alan Baragona and Elizabeth Rambo. New York and Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2018. 119-142.
  • “Dante, Berlusconi, and the Bordello State: Paolo Sylos Labini and James Walston’s Democratic  Dante at the Ebb of the Seconda Repubblica.” ‘Dante politico’: Ideological Reception Across Boundaries. Eds. Dennis Looney and Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio. Spec. issue of Mediaevalia 38 (2017): 249-278. 
  • Armando Gnisci. “Emigrants and Mestizos in Twenty-First Century Europe.” in European Review, 25.4 (2017), Cambridge University Press, 1-9 [Italian-English transl. of “Migrazione e transculturazione in Europa nel XXI secolo,” Cultura del Portale Integrazione Migranti, 2014.]
  • “Folgore da San Gimignano e la parodia di Cenne della Chitarra: intrighi politici e poetici (con nuovi dati  biografici).” La poesia in Italia prima di Dante. Ed. Franco Suitner. Ravenna: Longo Editore, 2017. 237-255. 
  • “The Squallor Phenomenon: Social and Political Satire in Italian Music during the First Republic.” ‘Send in the Clowns!' Humour and Power in Italian Political, Social and Cultural Life. Eds. Andrea Hajek, Daniele Salerno, and Clare Watters. Spec. issue of Incontri:Rivista europea di studi italiani 29. 2 (2014): 30-42. 
  • “S’i’ fosse foco ardere’ il mondo: L’esilio e la politica nella poesia di Cecco Angiolieri.” Letteratura Italiana Antica: Rivista annuale di testi e studi, XV (2014): 223-38.  
  • “Invective and Humor in the Poetry of Dante and Cecco Angiolieri.” At Whom Are We Laughing? Humor in Romance Languages and Literatures. Eds. Zenia DaSilva and Gregory Pell. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. 207-220. 
  • “Peasant Authors and Peasant Haters: Matazone da Caligano and the Ambiguity of the ‘Satira del villano’ in High and Late Medieval Italy.” Rural Spaces in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Time: The Spatial Turn in Premodern Studies. Eds. Albrecht Classen and Christopher Clason. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture, 7. New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2012. 607-638. 
  • “Curses and Laughter in Medieval Italian Comic Poetry: The Ethics of Humor in Rustico Filippi’s Invectives.” Laughter in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age: Epistemology of a Fundamental Human Behavior, Its Meaning, and Consequences. Ed. Albrecht Classen. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture 5. New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2010. 383-412. 

Forthcoming peer-reviewed articles

  •  “Il Dante No TAV e antipopulista degli anni duemila: Nuove tendenze sulla ricezione politica della Commedia in  Italia, in Europa e nel mondo.” 

    «Ma qui la morta poesì resurga:» Ricezione della Commedia di Dante Alighieri:  letteratura, arti, didattica. Eds. Gianluca Olcese e Sonia 

    Barillari. Genoa: Virtuosa-Mente (forthcoming in 2022). 

  • “Le maschere nude del pop italiano: La parodia e la satira sociopolitica degli Squallor dal terrorismo degli Anni di Piombo agli scandali della Prima Repubblica.” Per sempre Squallor!  Fenomenologia di una ghost band italiana. Eds Alfonso Amendola  and Carlo Pecorato. Pop & Cult Series directed by Diego Del Pozzo, Naples, Italy: Edizioni CentoAutori (forthcomng in 2021-2022) 

Book Reviews

  • Heather Webb. Dante’s Persons: An Ethics of the Transhuman. Speculum 93.2 (April 2018): 590-91.
  • Caterina Mongiat Farina. Questione di lingua: L’ideologia del dibattito sull’italiano nel Cinquecento.The Sixteenth Century Journal 47.3 (2016): 757-758.
  • Salvatore di Maria. The Poetics of Imitation in the Italian Theater of the Renaissance. Forum Italicum 49.1(Spring 2015): 235-37. https://doi.org/10.1177/0014585814564293
  • Alfredo Cottignoli. Letture classensi: Dante nel Risorgimento italiano. Italica 91.2 (2014): 310-12.
  • Desire in Dante and the Middle Ages. Eds. Manuele Gragnolati, Tristan Kay, Elena Lombardi, and Francesca Southerden. Italica 90.4 (2013): 677-79.  http://www.jstor.org/stable/24368410)
  • Metamorphosing Dante: Appropriations, Manipulations, and Rewritings in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. Eds. Manuele Gragnolati, Fabio Camilletti, and Fabian Lampart. Italica 88. 4 (2011): 658-59. http://www.jstor.org/stable/41440481
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