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Fall Poetry Contest

Every fall semester, the department of Modern Languages and Literatures sponsors a Poetry Recitation Contest in which students in Modern Languages courses compete in performing poetry recitations in the language studied.


With your professor's input, choose a poem in the language you study at Loyola (Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese). Memorize your poem! Work with your professor to master it! Be prepared to introduce the poem - author, time period, why you chose it, other details you'd like to share.


Students who wish to participate must have the support of their language instructor. Students currently enrolled in 103 and up are eligible.

Sign Up

The application deadline is announced during the fall semester.


The contest will take place on Monday, November 11, 2019 from 6 - 8 p.m. in AWSC Reading Room.

Free refreshments will follow the awarding of prizes after the recitation!  Contact Jenniffer Gray for more information.

Previous Winners

2019 (Fall)

  • Alexandra White - Arabic
  • Matthew Branch - Chinese
  • Geoff Hyder - French
  • Charlotte McAleer - French
  • Harrison Senior - German
  • Noah Hileman - German
  • Arianna Pilla - Italian
  • Bridget Killmurray - Italian
  • Joe Swiontkowski - Italian
  • Sage Factora - Spanish
  • Leanna Brook Schultz - Spanish

2018 (Fall)

  • Lena Haaf - Arabic
  • Madison Acker - Chinese
  • Tiffany Evans - Chinese
  • Catie Hinshaw - French
  • Andrew Moran - Italian
  • Ryan Baldino - Spanish

2017 (Fall)

  • Evan Mazmanian, Chinese
  • Christina Russo, German
  • Juliana Bono, Italian
  • Lauren Keyes, Spanish

2016 (Fall)

  • Alexandra Billups, Chinese
  • Kelly Keenan, French
  • Christina Russo, German
  • Zalen King, Italian
  • Michelle Reilly, Spanish

2016 (Spring)

  • Denise Medenilla, French
  • Brian Krell, German
  • Matthew Rossi, Italian
  • Christine Philips, Spanish


  • Miley Lott, Chinese
  • Hallie Stacho, French
  • Jessica D’angelo, Italian
  • Jakob Gorski, Japanese
  • Sydney Schildnecht, Spanish


  • Haleigh Morgus, Chinese
  • Marian Okpali, French
  • Laura Biesiadecki, Italian
  • John Sherman, Japanese
  • Nahal (Aliyah) Sadegh, Spanish

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Virtual Office Hours - Fall 2020

Due to the Corona Virus, we are working remotely until further notice.

Catherine Savell

Catherine Savell

This member of the French faculty started a nonprofit to support children and young adults experiencing poverty in Haiti

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