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Physics Teaching Focus

Career as a Physics Teacher

To complete the coursework required to become certified to teach on the secondary level, there are two options:

  1. The courses that fulfill a minor in secondary education must be taken. Please consult with faculty from the School of Education. (See requirements under the School of Education, specifically the minor).
  2. Enroll in Loyola's five-year combined BS/MAT program where the participant receives a Master of Arts in Teaching and a certification to teach physics at the secondary level. Applications are due in the junior year. Please refer to the MAT and the combined BS/MAT websites and contact the chair of the physics department as soon as possible to discuss the graduate courses.
Inge Heyer

Inge Heyer, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Heyer, Loyola’s core curriculum prepares students to be great problem solvers in physics—and as young professionals