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Bom Soo Kim

Lecturer                                                                                Bom Soo Kim

Physics Department
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Bom Soo Kim received his Ph.D. in 2009 from the University of California at Berkeley. He was a joint postdoc at IESL-FORTH and University of Crete working together with an experimentalist (high-temperature superconductivity) and a string theorist. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Tel Aviv University and as a teaching postdoc at the University of Kentucky before joining Loyola University Maryland as a full time Lecturer on Fall 2017.

A new paper:

During the summer, I have worked on Entanglement entropy in the presence of Wilson loop in addition to chemical potential and current source. The paper is available on arXiv. In the paper, I have shown that entanglement entropy can distinguish quantum states with different topological properties due to Wilson loops. This paper is a continuation of a larger research program called Entanglement entropy and background gauge fields


Recently, I had a chance to present my work (invited talk) at the APS March meeting 2018 at Los Angeles, March 5-9. You can find the talk slides by click the March meeting website and the associated YouTube video

American Physical Society March Meeting Poster

APS March Meeting session poster

Research Interests:

My broad research is Holography that provides over-arching paradigm to encompass various different fields of study. In particular, Holography connects the Quantum field theory and String theory. Recently, I have been focusing on various Quantum field theory phenomena toward the Condensed matter physics such as 

  • Magnetic Skyrmions and Hall Transport,
  • Entanglement Entropy and Background Gauge Fields, 
  • Lifshitz Hydrodynamics and Quantum Critical Point.

For the String theory side, I have been working on 

  • Effective Holographic Theories,
  • Holographic Model for a Quantum Critical Point,
  • Holographic Renormalization of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theories, 
  • Non-Equilibrium Critical Phenomena: Aging. 

For more details on my research, please visit my research webpage

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