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Non-Equilibrium Critical Phenomena: Aging

Aging is one of the simplest non-equilibrium and time-dependent phenomena with three characteristic features: slow power-law decay, broken time translation and dynamical scaling. These features are realized in simple gravity backgrounds in the context of the Schroedinger holography. Schroedinger background realizes ``co-dimension two holography'' with two holographic coordinates. One is the usual radial coordinate. Another is responsible for the particle number, which is conserved in the non-relativistic theories. This background has large symmetry group, called non-relativistic conformal Schroedinger group. Aging symmetry is realized by removing only the time translation symmetry.

Auto correlation function of holographic Aging as a function of dimensionless time, late time over early reference time.

The above graph shows the initial power-law growth followed by another power-law behaviors depending on the parameters existing in our theory. It is interesting to point out that two-time auto-correlation functions of the theory can exhibit early power-law growth as well as the late aging decay. Motivated by the recent progress on Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) universality class and its experimental realization, we investigated the connection between aging and KPZ. 


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