Loyola University Maryland

Pre-Health Programs

Program Details

Students accepted into this selective cohort immersion program will:

  • enroll in a 3-credit course, Introduction to Health Psychology (PY261), and a 3-credit diversity and service-learning course, Urban Health and Faith (TH273), as integrated co-requisite courses;
  • immerse in an outreach-based service-learning health care internship in an urban Baltimore community;
  • engage in relevant co-curricular activities, such as an urban bus tour and visiting speaker events; and
  • have opportunity for group and individual pre-health guidance.

Lecturers and Courses

jeff_latingJeffrey M. Lating, Ph.D., is professor of psychology. His primary research and clinical interests are in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), coronary-prone risk factors, and behavioral medicine. Dr. Lating will teach Introduction to Health Psychology. The purpose of Introduction to Health Psychology is to provide an introduction to the nature and practice of the field of health psychology. Topics include the roles of diet, exercise, stress, smoking, weight, and environmental pollutants in health and disease. The course offers a review of assessment procedures in health psychology, adherence and evaluation concerns in health care, and health psychology interventions. The course examines the role of self-responsibility in health care as well as non-traditional approaches to medicine.


maiju-lehmijoki-gardnerMaiju Lehmijoki-Gardner, Ph.D., B.S.N., R.N., is director of Loyola's pre-health programs and affiliate assistant professor in theology. She is actively involved in urban health promotion through research, teaching, and outreach. Dr. Lehmijoki-Gardner will teach Introduction to Urban Health and Faith course and she will lead the service-learning reflections. Urban Health and Faith examines the impact of religious traditions and faith communities on the understanding and management of urban health issues, such as infectious diseases, health disparities, food access, physical activity, addictions, and public safety. Students will learn to address the particular challenges associated with urban poverty and health inequalities. The course will promote engagement in real-world challenges and offer scholarly tools to constructively address them within ethnically diverse, interfaith context. Through the course, the students will be able to articulate the interconnections between communal imagination and health identities.


Students will participate in a 40-hour internship at medical institutions and/or community health organizations. Our partners include Mercy Medical Center, Bon Secours Hospital, Kennedy Krieger Institute Neuropsychology Research Laboratory, Powell Recovery Center, Mosaic, Inc., Keswick Senior Center, Weinberg Housing and Resource Center, and Healthcare for the Homeless. The service-learning takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usual daily length of service is four hours.

Special Events

In addition to exploring Baltimore on an Urban Health and Faith Bus Tour, students will hear from visiting speakers on a variety of topics including public health and medical ethics.

Pre-health lunch workshops will feature discussions of patient interaction, patient privacy, healthcare professional conduct and teamwork, cultural competency and social justice reflection, creating a resume and personal statement, and meeting with Loyola’s Hauber and Kolvenbach student scholars.

Faculty will also offer students individual pre-health guidance.

Pre-requisites and Core

The courses do not require psychology or theology pre-requisite courses. For Loyola students, TH273 fulfills second-level theology core course and the diversity course requirement, and is a service-learning course. PY261 fulfills a social sciences core requirement.

Costs and Included Benefits

Tuition cost with housing $6,950.

Tuition cost without housing $5,700.

The program cost covers courses and academic guidance, internship arrangements, experiential program, books, breakfast and lunches on teaching days, and access to Loyola's athletic facility.

Visiting students from other four-year colleges are welcome! We will assist you in the visiting student application process.

Program Schedule

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: Introduction to Health Psychology 9am - 12pm and Urban Health and Faith 1pm - 4pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Internships



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