Loyola University Maryland

Pre-Health Programs

Learning Aims

Through Baltimore Health Immersion students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate and articulate the understanding of and proficiency with the knowledge base of health psychology, and in particular, demonstrate an understanding of how our patients’ individual behaviors shape health and wellness;
  • Demonstrate and articulate awareness of the impacts that urban environments have upon the health of individuals and cultural groups, and the roles that religious traditions and faith communities play in shaping the urban health environment;
  • Apply, demonstrate, and display their understanding of psychological, socioeconomic, cultural, and religious influences on health behavior to real-life challenges associated with health promotion in multicultural urban community-based settings; and
  • Communicate a holistic approach to conceptualizing how as future health professionals they could direct their learning and skills to promote healthy living and improve patient outcomes.



Her education in biology and Loyola's core values will allow Paulina to connect with her future dental patients