Loyola University Maryland

Pre-Law Program

Pre-Law Society FAQ

What is the Pre-Law Society?

The Pre-Law Society is an organization composed of students who are interested in pursuing law as a career. The organization meets several times a semester and in the past has had sessions with various law school admissions personnel who have discussed getting into and staying in law school. Students who do not plan to apply to law school but are interested in the study of law for its own sake also find the Pre-Law Society to be interesting, and those students are also encouraged to become members.

Is the Pre-Law Society on Facebook?

Yes, follow their latest news on Facebook.

How can I become a member of the Pre-Law Society?

Membership is open to anyone, including those who do not necessarily plan to go to law school but are simply interested in the subject of law. To become a member, you should come to a meeting and simply sign the membership list or email the President of the Society.

Meeting times are announced in the student newspaper, on the pre-law bulletin board next to the political science department on the third floor of Beatty Hall, and on Facebook.

Why should I join the Pre-Law Society?

If you are interested in the study of law, the Pre-Law Society’s activities should interest you. They bring in speakers (lawyers, judges, law students, Loyola alums, etc.), take field trips (local courts, D.C.), have some workshops (LSAT, Personal Statement, Applying to Law School, etc.), etc. You absolutely do not have to intend to go to law school to benefit from being in the Pre-Law Society, and many members of the Pre-Law Society never intend to go to law school. The organization is open to students who are simply interested in the study of law, regardless of what they plan to do with their lives. To join, email the President of the Pre-Law Society.

Who are the officers of the Pre-Law Society?

Officers for the year will be elected in a meeting to be called during September.

How do I find out about Pre-Law Society activities?

The best way is to check this site for the latest information. Announcements are also posted on the bulletin board on the third floor of Beatty Hall and usually appear in the Greyhound.

Does the Pre-Law Society offer internships?

No, but students can take internships sponsored by any department at Loyola. Many law-related internships are taken out of the English department, the political science department, and the sociology department. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the appropriate persons in those or other departments.