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Earn Your Master's at Loyola

Master's in Clinical Professional Psychology

Current Loyola Majors who are interested in becoming master’s level mental health practitioners are encouraged to apply to Loyola’s Master's in Clinical Professional Counseling (CPC) program. Students graduating from this program will have completed all the necessary coursework to become Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors in the state of Maryland, and will also fulfill the educational requirements for licensure in other states.

Loyola undergraduates who have a GPA of 3.5 or better can apply to this program with the following advantages:

  • Waiver of Application Fee.
  • Waiver of GRE requirement.
  • Early Action: Loyola undergraduates can apply to the CPC program by March 1 of their junior year. This allows our students to know early (fall of senior year) if they are admitted to Loyola’s CPC program. Accepted students can secure a space to begin the CPC program after they complete all undergraduate degree requirements, in the fall after they graduate.

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Brenda aspires to work in a pediatric hospital conducting psychoeducational assessments and providing psychotherapy services to patients