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Independent Study Registration Process

  • Find a professor who is willing to supervise him/her in a PY300 or PY400 course
  • Work out a course plan with the professor who will direct the Independent Study
    • Professor will complete students "Specialized Study" form (Note: Acquire form from Casey Hofmann, Administrative Assistant, in Beatty 220)
    • Professor must supply a syllabus for the independent study that outlines the course content, readings and resources, expected meeting times and outcomes assessments that will be used (Note: Student will meet a minimum of one hour each week with the professor for the duration of the semester)
    • Syllabus should be attached to "Specialized Study" form
  • Obtain the signature of the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) to verify the number of independent study courses on the student's record for the director of undergraduate education in psychology's review
  • Make an appointment to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Education in Psychology
    • Director will review the syllabus and sign the "Specialized Study" form where it asks for department chair signature
    • Director of Undergraduate Education is the only person who can sign this form (Note: Must sign this form before it will be processed during registration)
    • Plan ahead, as it may not be possible to schedule an appointment with the director on the same day contact
  • Take the signed "Specialized Study" form, and course syllabus, to registration (Note: the syllabus must be attached when the student registers for the course)

Reminder: The above process must be completed no later than the Wednesday before the drop/add period, at the latest, so plan accordingly. Students not following the process as outlined above will not be allowed to register for PY300 or PY400.

Jeff Lating

Jeffrey Lating, Ph.D.

This psychology professor aims to engage students through enthusiasm and practical applications