Loyola University Maryland


Summer Course Approval Procedure

It is a rare occasion that undergraduate courses in psychology are offered during the summer at Loyola; see AASC summer courses at Loyola for more information. However, students in the B.A./M.S. program are encouraged to take graduate courses during the summer after senior year.

  • Courses may only be taken at other 4-year, accredited institutions.
  • Courses must run for a minimum of 4 weeks, and meet for a minimum of 39 hours.
  • Students first must submit the course description and appropriate paperwork to Mary Catherine Holzer, Associate Director of the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC), at mholzer@loyola.edu.
  • If the Associate Director grants permission that the course meets Loyola criteria, the paperwork is then brought to Dr. Carolyn Barry, Director of Undergraduate Education in Psychology for review.
  • Approved courses are then sent back to the associate director of AASC, the student may begin coursework, and it will transfer back to Loyola.
  • Students not following the above procedure, and who do not receive prior approval from AASC, may be unable to transfer courses to Loyola.
  • Each department approves its own courses; we approve only psychology courses. Students wishing to take courses in other departments should follow the above procedure, taking the paperwork to the appropriate department (e.g., the equivalent of ST110 would be taken to the Math Department for approval).

Summer courses a student wishes to take at another institution must follow the University procedure below to receive approval prior to the beginning of the course in question, see the AASC website for more information.



From the moment Aileen first learned about the definition of the word “psychology,” she knew that she wanted to work in the field