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Loyola Clinical Centers to offer ACT Raising Safe Kids Program

by Stephanie Weaver

The Psychology division of the Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC) will be offering the ACT Raising Safe Kids Program, an international parent training program developed by the Violence and Prevention Program of the American Psychological Association that teaches positive parenting skills to parents and caregivers of children from birth to age 8.

The program, which is based on social learning and behavior theory, runs for nine weeks, including a pre-meeting session. It is organized into the following eight modules:

  1. Understanding Children’s Behaviors
  2. Young Children’s Exposure to Violence
  3. Understanding and Controlling Parents’ Anger
  4. Understanding and Helping Angry Children
  5. Children and Electronic Media
  6. Discipline and Parenting Styles
  7. Discipline for Positive Behaviors
  8. Take ACT to Your Home and Community

The program will help parents and caregivers understand where children are developmentally at each age. Katherine Hadley Cornell, Psy.D., division director of psychology at LCC, said this program has been designed to work to decrease violence in communities by giving parents tools to help them understand where their children are developmentally at each age.

"We are proud to be able to provide this program as a benefit for the community, and we hope many families will take advantage of all it offers," said Cornell. "ACT extends the offerings of the Loyola Clinical Centers in a natural way, supporting our commitment to care for the whole person."

The LCC will run the ACT program three times per year, both on-site at the LCC and off-site as needed. For more information, call the LCC at 410-617-1200.

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