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Loyola Graduate Students Present Research at Maryland Psychology Association

Please join the Loyola department of psychology in congratulating our Loyola graduate students, Jill Cadarec, Cierra Stanton, Kasey Cox, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology student, Rachel Sims, who presented research at the Maryland Psychological Association convention. 

Loyola Clinical Professional Counseling student, Kasey Cox, won the first prize for her presentation, "Subjective improvements in substance abuse disorder associated with 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT)."

Third prize was shared between students Rachel Simms and Cierra Stanton for their respective presentations, "An Exploration of Mindfulness Factors in Aiding College Counseling Centers" and "Children’s Utilization of Health Care and Parenting Stress as Predictors of Child Behavior Problems." 

Additionally, master's student, Jill Caradec, presented her research entitled, "The Mediating role of autonomy on the relation between perceived parenting behaviors and anxiety in emerging adults." (Co authors include Rachel Grover, Beth Kotchick, & Carolyn Barry).

Jeff Lating

Jeffrey Lating, Ph.D.

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