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Amy Wolfson, Ph.D., Named to the Good Night Advisory Council Pajama Program

Loyola University Maryland psychology professor, Amy Wolfson, Ph.D., has been named to the Good Night Health Advisory Council to support the Pajama Program with sleep experts to promote good sleep health for kids.

The eight sleep experts named to the council include members from various disciplines and backgrounds who specialize in sleep behavior and health, neurobiology, and child development. The experts named are: Innessa Donskoy, M.D.; Patrick Fuller, Ph.D.; Lauren Hale, Ph.D.; Girardin Jean-Louis, Ph.D.; Amy R. Wolfson, Ph.D.; Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D.; Judith Owens, M.D., M.P.H.; Eleanor McGlinchey, Ph.D.

The Council will advise the non-profit Pajama Program on expansion efforts, programming, and assisting outreach efforts to children and caregivers. From the press release:

"The newly formed Council’s knowledge, experience, and expertise will help Pajama Program plan and execute caregiver programs for Pajama Program’s Community Partner organizations, for the families and children the organization supports, and—more broadly—to support the public as the organization builds sleep resources to share on its website for public use and reference."

The non-profit organization believes that every child deserves a good night sleep. To read more about the council visit the Pajama Program website and read the press release.

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