Loyola University Maryland


Undergraduate Student Research & Scholarship Colloquium Award Recipients

 Once a year, Loyola hosts a campus-wide forum highlighting undergraduate student research and scholarship. The colloquium encourages scholastic endeavors that focus on either the generation of new knowledge or the creative integration of existing scholarship. This year's colloquium took place on April 5 and a number of Psychology undergraduate students presented their research.

Jamie Archibong (Dr. Diana Betz, mentor) tied for 2nd place in Social Sciences at the USRSC for her research entitled, "Current Effects of the Sexualization of Black Women on Confidence."

Medal Recipients Holding Awards

Haley Puddy and Sara Wilton (Dr. Diana Betz, mentor) earned 1st place in the Social Science Oral Presentations at the URSC for their research entitled, “The Role of Empathy in the Perception of Racial Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System.”

Rennae Wigton (mentored by Professor Anthony Parente) tied for 2nd place in Social Sciences for her research entitled, "The Efficacy of Exercise Therapy for Treating Substance Use Disorders."

Kelly Deegan (Dr. Beth Kotchick, mentor) earns 3rd place in Social Science Posters at the USRSC for her research entitled, “Who Gets a Fake ID? The Role of Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience, and Alcohol Use.”


Jennifer Meigs, Abigail Cirelli, & Christopher Czapla (with Dr. Amy Wolfson as mentor) earned 1st place in the Social Science posters for the USRSC for their research entitled, "Studying the Sleepy Adolescent: Sleep and Daytime Sleepiness in association with Caffeine Consumption."


Cameron Di Leo


Passionate professors and the Clinical Professional Counseling program’s integration of Jesuit values help Cameron better serve his patients as a clinical counselor