Loyola University Maryland


George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D., ABPP

George EverlyAffiliate Professor of Psychology

Office: Beatty Hall, Room 221G
Telephone: 410-617-5822
Email: GEverly@loyola.edu


  • B.S., (Business Administration), University of Maryland
  • M.A., (Communications), University of Maryland
  • Ph.D., (Behavorial Medicine), University of Maryland
  • Pre-doctoral Internship (Clinical Psychology & Behavorial Medicine),
    North Charles Hospital, Johns Hopkins Health Systems
  • Post-doctoral Internship, (Clinical Psychology), University of Miami
  • Post-doctoral Internship, (Behavorial Medicine), Harvard University
  • Board Certified, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)
  • Fellow, Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine (FAPM)

Scholarly Interests:

My primary research and clinical interests are in disaster psychology, crisis intervention, human stress and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Representative Publications:

Everly, G. S., Jr. (2008). Integrative Crisis Intervention and Disaster
     Mental Health
. Ellicott City, MD: Chevron Publishing.

Everly, G. S., Jr. (2007). Pastoral Crisis Intervention. Ellicott City, MD:
     Chevron Publishing.

Nucifora, F., Jr., Langlieb, A., Siegal, E., Everly, G. S., Jr. &
     Kaminsky, M. J. (2007). Building resistance, resilience, and recovery
     in the wake of school and workplace violence. Disaster Medicine and
     Public Health Preparedness
, 1 (Supplement_1): 33-37.

Bisson, J. I., Brayne, M., Ochberg, F. & Everly, G. S., Jr. (2007). Early
     psychosocial intervention following traumatic events. American
     Journal of Psychiatry
, 164, 1016-1019.

Kaminsky, M. J., McCabe, O.L., Langlieb, A., & Everly, G. S., Jr. (2007).
     An evidence-informed model of human resistance, resilience and
     recovery: The Johns Hopkins' outcomes-driven paradigm for
     disaster mental health services. Brief Therapy and Crisis
, 7, 1-11.

Smith, K.J., Davy, J.A., & Everly, G. S., Jr. (2007). An assessment
     of the contribution of stress arousal to the beyond the role stress
     model. Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, 10, 127-15.

Everly, G. S., Jr. (2006). Mental Health Aspects of Disasters.
     Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins.

Everly, G. S., Jr., Sherman, M. F., Stapleton, A., Barnett, D. J.,
     Hiremath, G., & Links, J. (2006). Workplace crisis intervention:
     A systematic review of effect sizes. Journal of Workplace Behavioral
, 21, 153-170.

Stapleton, A. B., Lating, J., Kirkhart, M., & Everly, G. S., Jr. (2006).
     Effects of medical crisis intervention on anxiety, depression,
     and posttraumatic stress symptoms: A meta-analysis.
     Psychiatric Quarterly, 77, (3), 231-238.

Everly, G. S., Jr., Phillips, S., Kane, D., & Feldman, D. (2006).
     Introduction to and overview of group psychological first aid.
     Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention, 6, 130-136.

Course Offerings:

PY325: Controlling Stress and Tension
PY609: Crisis Intervention
PY622: Advanced Techniques-Traumatology
PY645: Introduction to Health Psychology
PY642: Nature and Treatment of Stress Response

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