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Traci Peragine Martino, M.S.

Traci MartinoAffiliate Professor of Psychology
Director of Program Operations

Office: KH102P
Telephone: 410-617-2175
Email: TPMartino@loyola.edu


  • B.A. (Applied Psychology, Magna Cum Laude), University of Baltimore
  • M.S. (Applied Psychology), University of Baltimore

Scholarly Interests:

My primary research and clinical interests are in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and stress management.

Representative Publications:

Lating, J.M., Sherman, M.F., & Peragine, T. F. (2006). PTSD reactions and coping responses
       of American Airlines flight attendants who were former employees of Trans World
       Airlines: Further support of a psychological contagion effect. Brief Treatment and Crisis
6(2), 144-153.

Lating, J. M., Sherman, M F., Everly, G., Lowry, J. L., & Peragine, T. F. (2004). PTSD reactions
       and coping responses of east coast and west coast American Airlines flight attendants
       after September 11: A possible psychological contagion effect? Journal of Nervous &
       Mental Disease
, 192(12), 876-879.

Lating, J. M., Sherman, M. F., Everly, G. S., Lowry, J. L., & Peragine, T. F. (2004). PTSD
       reactions and functioning of American Airlines flight attendants in the wake of
       September 11. Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease, 192(6), 435-441.

Lating, J. M., Everly, G. S. Jr., Peragine, T. F., Neel, M. L., Glick, N. P., & Sherman, M.F.
       (2003). Biofeedback-assisted relaxation as part of preincident stress-management
       training within a  model of comprehensive crisis intervention: A pilot study. Brief
       Treatment and Crisis Intervention
, 3, 437-443.

Course Offerings:

PY101D: Introduction to Psychology

D indicates Course Meets Criteria for Diversity Course Requirement

Sanil Mayilkunnel


Sanil decided to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology to better serve and provide care for marginalized populations