Loyola University Maryland


Martin F. Sherman, Ph.D.

Martin ShermanProfessor of Psychology
Director, Masters Education - Thesis Track

Office: Beatty Hall, Room 222B
Telephone: 410-617-2417
Email: MSherman@loyola.edu


  • B.A., (Psychology), University of Connecticut
  • Ph.D. (Experimental, Social Psychology), University of Maine
  • Licensed Psychologist in Maryland

Scholarly Interests:

  • Terror Management theory
  • Five Factor Model of Personality
  • Psychopathology and personality
  • Disgust sensitivity
  • Survey and attitude research
  • Gender role research-sexual orientation
  • The emotional state of elevation
  • Spiritual Transcendence

Representative Publications:

Piedmont, R. L., Sherman, M. F., Sherman, N. C.,
     Dy-Liacco, G. S., & Williams, J. E. G. (2009). Using the   
     Five-Factor Model to identify a new personality disorder
     domain: The case for Experiential Permeability. Journal
     of Personality and Social Psychology
, 96(6), 1245-1258.       

Landis, S. K., Sherman, M. S., Piedmont, R. L.,
     Kirkhart, M. W., Rapp, E. M., & Bike, D. H. (2009). The        
     relation between elevation and self-reported prosocial
     behavior: Incremental validity over the Five-Factor
     Model of personality. The Journal of Positive Psychology,
     4(1), 71-84.

Dy-Liacco, G. S., Piedmont, R. L., Murray-Swank, N. A.,
     Rodgerson, T. E., & Sherman, M. F. (2009). Spirituality
     and religiousity as cross-cultural aspects of human
     experience. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 1(1),

Canton, A. N., Sherman, M. F., Magda, L. A.,
     Westra, L. J., Pearson, J. M., Raveis, V. H., &
     Gershon, R. R. M. (2009). Violence, job satisfaction,
     and employment intentions among home healthcare               
     registered nurses. Home Healthcare Nurse, 27(6), 1-11.

Gershon, R. R. M., Pearson, J. M., Sherman, M. F.,
     Samar, S. M., Canton, A. N., & Stone, P. W. (in press).             
     The prevalence and risk factors for percutaneous
     injuries in registered nurses in the home health care
     sector. American Journal of Infection Control.

Sherman, M. F., Gershon, R. R. M., Samar, S. M.,
     Pearson, J. M., Canton, A. N., & Damsky, M. R. (2008).               
     Safety factors predictive of job satisfaction and job
     retention among home healthcare aides. Journal of
     Occupational and Environmental Medicine
, 50(12),

Everly, G. S., Jr., Sherman, M. F., Nucifora, F., Jr., Langlieg, A.,
     Kaminsky, M. J., & Links, J. M. (2008). A quantitative
     expression of resiliency in the workplace: An odds ratio
     analysis. International Journal of Emergency Mental Health,
     10(3), 1-7.

Piedmont, R. L., Kennedy, C., Sherman, M. F., Sherman, N. C.,
     & Williams, J. E G. (2008). A psychometric evaluation of the
     Assessments of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments
     (ASPIRES) Scale: Short Form. Research in the Social Scientific
     Study of Religion
, 19, 163-182.

Gershon, R. R. M., Qureshi, K., Pogorzelska, M., Rosen, J.,
     Gebbie, K., Brandt-Rauf, P., & Sherman, M. F. (2007).
     Non-hospital based registered nurses and the risk of
     bloodborne pathogen exposure. Industrial Health, 45(5),

Piedmont, R. L., Hassinger, C. J., Rhorer, J., Sherman, M. F.,
     Sherman, N. C., Williams, J. E. G. (2007). The relations among
     spirituality and religiosity and axis II functioning in two college
     samples. Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 18,

Gershon, R. R. M., Sherman, M. F., Mitchell, C., Vlahov, D.,
     Erwin, M., Lears, M.   K., Felknor, S., Lubelczyk, R. A., & Alter, M.
     (2007). Prevalence and risk factors for bloodborne exposure
     and infection in correctional healthcare workers. Infection
     Control and Hospital Epidemiology
, 28(1), 24-30.

Gershon, R. R. M., Mitchell, C., Sherman, M. F., Vlahov, D.,
     Lears, M. K., Felknor, S., & Lubelczyk, R. A. (2005). Hepatitis B
     vaccination in correctional health care workers. American Journal
     of Infection Control,
33(9), 510-518.

Course Offerings:

PY746.41: Research Methods I
PY747.41: Research Methods II
PY791.41: Computer (SPSS) Analysis of Psychological Data
PY813.41: Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior
PY860.41: Data Management
PY414.41: Advanced Statistics with Computer Applications