Loyola University Maryland


Traci Peragine Martino, M.S.

Director of Program Operations 

Office: FC 223
Telephone: 410-617-2175
Email: TPMartino@loyola.edu


  • B.A. (Applied Psychology, Magna Cum Laude), University of Baltimore
  • M.S. (Applied Psychology), University of Baltimore

Scholarly Interests:

My primary research and clinical interests are in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and stress management.

Representative Publications:

Lating, J.M., Sherman, M.F., & Peragine, T. F. (2006). PTSD reactions and coping responses
       of American Airlines flight attendants who were former employees of Trans World
       Airlines: Further support of a psychological contagion effect. Brief Treatment and Crisis
6(2), 144-153.

Lating, J. M., Sherman, M F., Everly, G., Lowry, J. L., & Peragine, T. F. (2004). PTSD reactions
       and coping responses of east coast and west coast American Airlines flight attendants
       after September 11: A possible psychological contagion effect? Journal of Nervous &
       Mental Disease
, 192(12), 876-879.

Lating, J. M., Sherman, M. F., Everly, G. S., Lowry, J. L., & Peragine, T. F. (2004). PTSD
       reactions and functioning of American Airlines flight attendants in the wake of
       September 11. Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease, 192(6), 435-441.

Lating, J. M., Everly, G. S. Jr., Peragine, T. F., Neel, M. L., Glick, N. P., & Sherman, M.F.
       (2003). Biofeedback-assisted relaxation as part of preincident stress-management
       training within a  model of comprehensive crisis intervention: A pilot study. Brief
       Treatment and Crisis Intervention
, 3, 437-443.

Course Offerings:

PY101D: Introduction to Psychology

D indicates Course Meets Criteria for Diversity Course Requirement


Jaclyn Truncellito Range

As the executive director of Back On My Feet Baltimore, Jackie works to effect change through community, compassion, and running