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Master of Science Clinical Professional Counseling Interview Day

Friday, February 26, 2021

Welcome to Loyola University Maryland!

We are pleased that you have joined us for our first virtual Applicant Interview Day.  You have been chosen from the pool of applicants to participate in this next step of the admission process.  The Interview Day is an important time for the Department to gain more information about your individual strengths and talents.  We hope that your virtual visit with Loyola will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the university and our program to assist you in your decisions.

Applicants should have received an email with the individual schedule of interviews and other activities of the day.  Please review this schedule carefully, and feel free to email, call, or Zoom Traci Martino if you have any questions (tpmartino@loyola.edu, 410-617-2175, https://loyola.zoom.us/my/tracimartino).

I.          Information session:

This session provides an overview of the Psychology Department and the Master of Science in Clinical Professional Counseling program’s requirements. We ask that you log into Zoom around 11:30/11:45 am: https://us02web.zoom.us/my/emaleequickel

II.        Interviews with faculty members:

Faculty members in the Psychology Department will be conducting individual Zoom interviews with applicants. Each applicant will have two individual faculty interviews. Links will be included in the applicant’s individual schedule. Each interview lasts twenty to twenty-five minutes.

III.       Q & A with graduate students & alumni:

Current graduate students and alumni will hold scheduled, small group Q & A sessions with applicants via Zoom. Links will be included in your individual schedule. Please feel free to ask current graduate students and alumni any questions you may have about their experiences at Loyola.

IV.      Writing Sample:

You will be allotted 50 minutes to respond in writing to a prompt provided to you, via email,  at the start of your scheduled time.  Responses should be completed in Word and emailed as an attachment to tpmartino@loyola.edu. All identifying information will be removed by the Director of Program Operations prior to submission to the review committee.

V. Student Organization /Graduate Assistant Information :

During the Q & A sessions with current PsyD students and alumni (III above), applicants will have the opportunity to gather some information on the Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students (MPAGS), American Psychological Association for Graduate Students (APAGS), and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). If interested, please ask! We will also have representation from some departments on campus that offer Graduate Assistant positions such as The Study, Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ), and Student Life on hand to provide information about Graduate Residence Coordinators (GRC) as well as Financial Aid (See below for additional information ).

V. Free Time

During scheduled free time you are welcome to explore the links provided on the Program and University Information Links page. There is information about the program, virtual campus tour, some resources provided through the University, etc. As a reminder, there are also scheduled Zoom sessions with Financial Aid, some departments who hire graduate assistants, and MPAGS.


We hope your day will be both informative and enjoyable!


Virtual Evergreen (Baltimore) Campus Tour (you do not have to register, just X out of that first box (light gray “X” at top right)

Psychology Department Website

Masters Program Website (additional links to right after navigating to webpage)

Loyola Clinical Centers & Loyola Clinical Centers video tour

Tuition & Fees

Scholarships (note that there is not a separate application process to be considered for a scholarship. All applicants being made an offer of admission are considered. If awarded, applicants will be notified in their acceptance letter.)

Graduate Financial Aid

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Brandon Gumabon


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Graduate Assistantship Information

Graduate Student Organization

Maryland Psychological Association for Graduate Students (MPAGS)




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