Loyola University Maryland


Departmental Honors

Starting with the Class of 2015, an honors option is available to psychology majors who meet the following requirements:

  • A 3.700 GPA in the major and a 3.500 GPA overall. This GPA determination is based upon cumulative grades and is confirmed in the student’s second to last semester.
  • Entry into the honors option is contingent upon the approval of the director of undergraduate education. If interested, students must email Dr. Theresa DiDonato (tedidonato@loyola.edu) no later than the close of the student’s second to last semester.

  • Students will complete one of three possible two-semester sequences listed below and present a seminal project in a professional forum (e.g., Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Colloquium, Psi Chi Induction, professional conference).

    • PY300 & PY400: Independent Study in Psychology I & II (wherein an individual research project is completed) 
    • PY418 & PY419: Research Seminar in Psychology I & II 
    • PY435 & PY436: Field Experience in Psychology I & II