Loyola University Maryland

Department of Sociology

Dr. H. Lovell Smith

Dr. H. Lovell Smith received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland at College Park. His publications include articles in such journals as Research in Community Sociology, Advances in Medical Sociology, and Journal of Black Studies. He is currently an assistant professor in the sociology department at Loyola.

Courses Taught

  • SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SC 205 - Education in U.S. Society
  • SC 221 - Sociology of Race, Class, and Gender
  • SC 361 - Social Inequality
  • SC 365 - Neighborhood and Community in Urban America
  • SC 369 - Mining the Gap: Determinants of Educational Outcomes
  • SC 420 - Seminar: Race, Class, and Social Construction of Opportunity

William Heiser

A two-time Loyola grad, Bill is making an impact in urban Jesuit education as president of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore

Sociology, Education