Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Tepanta Fossett, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor



Mayo Clinic – Rochester, Post-doctoral training

University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.

Hofstra University, BA, MA


Areas of Specialization

Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders


Achievements (past 5 years)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Fossett, T. R. D., McNeil, M. R., Pratt, S. R., Tompkins, C. A., & Shuster, L.  I. (2015).  The effect of speaking rate on serial-order sound-level errors in normal healthy controls and persons with aphasia.  Aphasiology.
  • McNeil, M. R., Pratt, S. R., Szuminsky, N., Sung, JE, Fossett, T. R. D., Fassbinder, W.  (2015).  Reliability and validity of the Computerized Revised Token Test (CRTT):  Comparison of reading and listening versions in persons with and without aphasia.  Journal of Speech-Language-Hearing, 58, 311 -324.
  • Fossett, T. R. D. (2010).  Deep Brain Stimulation:  Description and implications for motor speech.  Perspectives on Neurophysiology and Neurogenic Speech and Language Disorders, 20, 50 – 54.  American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
  • Josephs, K. A., Duffy, J. R., Fossett, T. R., Strand, E. A., Classen, D. O., Whitwell, J. L., &  Peller, P. J. (2010).  Flurodeoxyglucose F18 Positron Emission Tomography in Progressive Apraxia of Speech and Primary Progressive Aphasia Variants.  Archives of Neurology, 67(5), 596-605.
  • McNeil, M. R., Katz, W. F., Fossett, T. R. D., Garst, D. M., Szuminsky, N. J., Carter, G., & Lim, K. Y. (2010).  Effects of on-line augmented kinematic and perceptual feedback on treatment of speech movement in apraxia of speech.  Special Issue in Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedia, 62, 127 – 133.

Book Chapters

  • Duffy, J. R., Fossett, T. R. D. & Thomas, J. E. (2011).  Clinical practice in acute care hospital settings.  In L. L. LaPointe (Ed.).  Aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders (4th edition) (pp. 48 – 58). NY:  Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.

Fergie Cantos

Fergie recognizes a need for bilingual speech therapy and is eager to serve a Spanish-speaking population

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