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August 2021

PLEASE HOLD all weekdays between 8/25 - 9/21 for Graduate Student Orientations

Wednesday, 8/25, Orientation to Graduate Program in SLP, 9:30-4:30pm (time subject to change), Timonium 54/56/58

Thursday, 8/26, SP 660: Professional Practice Seminar and Anti-Racism Training, 9:30-3:30pm, Timonium 54/56/58

Friday, 8/27, Anti-Racism Training, time TBD

Monday, 8/30, Big Topics in Speech-Language Pathology, time TBD

Tuesday, 8/31, Loyola Clinical Centers Orientation, time TBD followed by Telepractice Training, 1-4pm

September 2021

Wednesday, 9/1, Centricity Training

Thursday, 9/2, clinic-specific orientation, refer to FA21 Orientation Schedule (to be emailed)

Friday, 9/3, clinic-specific orientation, refer to FA21 Orientation Schedule (to be emailed)

Monday, 9/6, Labor Day, NO CLASS

Tuesday, 9/7 - Friday 9/10, clinic-specific orientation, refer to FA21 Orientation Schedule (to be emailed)

Monday, 9/13, First day of academic classes (in-person at Timonium Graduate Center)

Tuesday 9/14-9/17, clinic-specific orientation, refer to FA21 Orientation Schedule (to be emailed)

Tuesday, 9/21, opening day of clinic with clients

October 2021

Monday, 10/18: Notre Dame Simulation Lab for SP 601 Aphasiology

Wednesday, 10/20, Anti-Racism Training and SP 660 Professional Practice Seminar I meeting (NO CLINIC)

Tuesday, 10/26 - 10/29, Clinic midterm KASAs

November 2021

Friday, 11/12, spring web registration opens (wait for info from Emilie)

Tuesday, 11/23 - 11/28, Thanksgiving Break (no clinic)

December 2021

Wednesday, 12/1, last day to withdraw from courses

Friday, 12/17, last day of clinical internship (all reports completed by this date)

Monday, 12/20, academic classes end

Winter Break 2021-22

12/21-1/13/22, no student obligations

January 2022

Friday, 1/14, Externship Orientation

Monday, 1/17, MLK, NO CLASS

Tuesday, 1/18-1/31, semester begins with clinical orientations

Monday, 1/24, academic classes start

February 2022

Tuesday, 2/1, first day of clinic 

March 2022

Week of March 14: midterm KASA Evaluations 

3/7 - 3/13, Spring Break - Loyola CLOSED (no classes or clinic)

Tuesday, 3/15, SP 661 Professional Practice Seminar II, 9-2pm, NO CLINIC

April 2022

Friday, 4/8, Summer registration begins (wait for information from Emilie)

Thursday, 4/14 - 4/17, Easter Break (no classes or clinic)

Monday, 4/18, Easter Monday, class meetings still held

Tuesday, 4/19, last day to withdraw from courses

May 2022

Friday, 5/6, last day of spring clinic (all reports completed by this date)

Monday, 5/9, academic classes end

Tuesday, 5/10, summer externship orientation, tentative 9-3pm

Tuesday, 5/11 - 5/20, summer internship orientation

Monday, 5/16, summer classes begin (tentative)

Friday 5/27 and Monday, 5/30, Loyola CLOSED for Memorial Day

June 2022


July 2022

Monday, 7/25, last day of classes (tentative, may extend to August 1)

Friday, 7/29, last day of summer semester/internship clinic (tentative, may extend to August 5), externships may extend longer

August 2022

Summer Break - no obligations

September 2022

Monday, 9/5, Labor Day, CLOSED

Tuesday, 9/TBD, Externship Orientation, TBD

Wednesday, 9/TBD, most externships start 

Monday, 9/TBD, Classes begin

October 2022


November 2022

11/24 through 11/26, Thanksgiving Break, Loyola CLOSED

December 2022

Friday, 12/TBD through 12/TBD, externships end (varied)

Monday, 12/TBD, classes end

Tuesday, 12/TBD through January 15, winter break, Loyola CLOSED

January 2023

Monday, 1/16, MLK Holiday, Loyola CLOSED, no classes

Tuesday, 1/TBD, most externships begin

Tuesday, 1/TBD, application for Graduation due

Monday, 1/TBD, classes begin

February 2023


March 2023

Monday, 3/TBD, spring break, NO CLASS. Externships may still run this week.

April 2023

Thursday, 4/6-9, Easter Break, Loyola CLOSED, may be excused from externships

Monday, 4/10, Easter Monday, classes may run

TBD, Comprehensive Exam (Timonium campus) - students excused from externships

Monday, TBD, 2nd Year Farewell Lunch

May 2023

Monday, 5/TBD, classes end

Monday, 5/TBD and 5/TBD, Exit Surveys

Saturday, 5/TBD, Commencement

Janet Preis

Janet Preis

Janet Preis, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, encourages discernment, care for others, and finding good in all things in her coursework and beyond

Speech-Language Pathology