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Welcome Externship Supervisors!

Thank you for agreeing to supervise a Loyola graduate SLP student this semester.  We are excited to be working with you and are here to support you and your student throughout the semester. This website has been created for you to learn more about our program, access forms that you'll need throughout the semester, and serve as a resource for supervision. Click below for information about the following areas:


New ASHA Supervision Requirement

Starting in January 2020,  SLPs supervising students or CFs must complete 2 hours (.2 ASHA CEUs) specifically in the area of supervision. This is a one-time requirement after you receive certification (CCC). Please note that supervision hours earned prior to 2020 can count to fill the requirement if the hours are logged on the ASHA CE Registry. If they were not part of the CE Registry, you will need to provide the documentation of the course in order to self-report completion of the hours.

In addition, out of the 30 required professional development hours for certification maintenance, all practicing SLPs must complete 1 hour (.1 ASHA CEU) in Ethics for each 3-year maintenance interval.

There will be a new checkbox under your name on the ASHA Verification Page that will be checked indicating "requirement met" if you are eligible to supervise a graduate clinician or CF. Loyola will be checking the status of your eligibility on ASHA's website.

Free opportunities (subject to change):

Course from Northern Speech Services:
Go to the website at www.northernspeech.com to add the course, e219 to your cart and enter the promo code 'supervision' when checking out. You will have to complete all modules (10 hours) in order to receive a completion certificate. These modules were created to support our supervisors with the new ASHA requirements, but also to provide in-depth knowledge in the various areas of supervision. Individual modules can be purchased just to meet the 2 hour requirement, but the free code is only for the entire package.

Opportunities for cost:

There are also many options available for cost through the ASHA Store or as part of the ASHA Learning Pass.

About our Program

Loyola’s graduate program is a 2 year, 5 semester schedule where students are expected to achieve the standards for ASHA certification including all applicable coursework and a total of 400 clinical hours. Academic, clinical, and professional preparation are a hallmark of Loyola’s program, where students receive intense preparation prior to their first externship.


Prerequisite coursework preparation includes: Tests and Measurements, Language Disorders, Aphasiology, Dysphagia, Cognition, Articulation and Phonology, Motor Speech Disorders, Autism, and Literacy. Other courses, which may be taken in the second year concurrently with an externship placement, include: Voice, Augmentative Communication, Fluency and advanced topic electives. Loyola’s curriculum also includes a closely supervised clinical preparation of at least 2-3 semesters prior to externship that includes between 100-200 hours in: Pediatrics, Adult Neuro, Schools, Interdisciplinary Assessment or Voice or Fluency or Audiology, and a variety of other experiences.


Student Needs


When considering whether to become a supervisor, please consider the following student needs:

  • Students need to be able to earn minimally 100 clinical hours during the course of the semester at each of their externship placements.
  • Students need to have both therapy and diagnostic opportunities.
  • Students need to have experience with more than one type of disorder coinciding with the nine areas designated by ASHA. www.asha.org: Artic, Fluency, Voice, Language, AAC, Swallow/ Oral Myofunctional, Cognition, Social and Hearing.
  • Students should have some experience with IEP, Patient Care Plan development and/ or team meeting experience when possible.
  • If there is no certified SLP on the premises, then students may not do diagnostic testing, IEP/ patient care presentations, therapy or assessment.
  • Regular positive and constructive feedback (verbal, written or a combination) is considered a necessary tool for the student’s learning. It is beneficial for supervisors to discuss their expectations with students at semester start and ongoing through the semester.

In addition, ASHA requirements for the amount of direct supervision must:

  • not be less than 25% of the student's total contact with each client/patient
  • be commensurate with the student's knowledge, skill, and experience
  • take place periodically throughout the practicum
  • be sufficient to ensure the welfare of the individual receiving services

Supervisor Requirements


The supervising SLP must have their ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence. The supervisor must have current state licensure and agree to abide by any state regulations related to student supervision. 

  • All supervisors must have a minimum of 9 months practice experience post-certification.
  • Supervisors in MD must have 3 years experience post graduation.
  • Supervisors in MD must remain “on site” and available to a student whenever they are in direct contact with clients.
  • Supervisors in applicable settings are following Medicare guidelines for “line of site” and “direct” supervision as defined by CMMS.
  • Supervisors must have a minimum of 2 hours of continuing education in the area of supervision
    • April 2018: There are two free courses available on the ASHA website regarding supervision! The first one is the "Nine Building Blocks of Supervision" (.2 ASHA CEUs). The second one is "Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies for Supervision" (.1 ASHA CEUs). You can access both here.



A stipend of $300.00 is paid to externship supervisors for personal or facility use provided minimally 75 clinical hours are provided to the graduate student. Loyola also hosts opportunities for complimentary CEUs annually specifically for supervisors of Loyola students. Supervisors have access to the Externship Supervisors Group Facebook page.



Loyola students have class on Mondays so are available for 2, 3 or 4 day placements Tuesday through Friday. Students should not be regularly scheduled on weekend days since they need adequate preparation time for Monday classes. Exceptions by request only. Students are informed that the supervisor will set the weekly and daily schedule appropriate for the facility and that days off are at the supervisor’s discretion. Start and end dates for the semester are designated but requests can be made to the Loyola Externship Director in order to approve an earlier start or later end date.



At the mid point of the semester, a Loyola Externship supervisor will conference with you and your student regarding progress and grade.Midterm conferences are conducted either by in-person visit or by video conference or phone according to distance and scheduling demands and preferences. Supervisors should conduct midterm and final conferences with students to explain areas of strength/ weakness, define the grade and clarify expectations for performance and goals. Final grades are turned in to the Loyola Externship Director during the last week of the student’s placement.


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