Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Fall 2018

(9/4/18 - 12/14/18)

Please note: Students need to review the facility policies on weather, illness, or absence with supervisor including the facility policy on snow cancellations

 Monday, 8/27 – Monday, 9/3             Externship Prep Week

  • Complete Online Learning Modules and take tests due 9/3 at midnight

  • Finish paperwork/prerequisites/schedule any necessary appointments

  • Meet with on site supervisor if needed

  • Supervisor paperwork is posted here

Monday, 9/3

  • Labor Day - NO CLASS

Tuesday, 9/4

  • Externship Orientation for students

Wednesday, 9/5                       

  • Most Externships Start

Monday, 9/10

  • Classes Begin
  • Externship Contracts Due    

1 Week After Start Date - Externship Contracts Due!!!!

  • Return signed completed contracts to Ms. Emilie Aguilar
  • Add any conflicts and preferences for scheduling midterm to the contract form. (Midterm will be approximately 5-6 weeks after your start date) 
  • Meeting change requests - Need to submit in writing min. of 24-48 hrs in advance
  • Inform Dede and Emilie in writing (email) of the reason if you need a change in start or end date

Tuesday, 10/24 - Friday, 11/9     MIDTERM WEEKS 

  • Complete midterm KASA on Typhon and review with student
  • Loyola coordinator(s) will schedule in person or video/phone conference
  • Complete stipend form and email to Emilie (also available in Forms section)

Thursday, 11/23-24

  • Thanksgiving Break, students are released from placements on Thursday and Friday (should report Tuesday and Wednesday)

Friday, 12/14        

  • Last Day / Grades Due
  • All grades should be turned in by the last day of the placement
  • Review Final KASA on Typhon together this week
  • Sign off on all Typhon Hours
  • Email stipend form to Emilie, if not done so already
  • Students turn in semester evaluations of supervisor on Typhon
  • May extend placement up to one week with permission from Externship Director