Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Summer 2018

(5/9/18 - 8/10/18)

Please note: Students need to review the facility policies on weather, illness, or absence with supervisor

Tuesday, 5/8                 

  • Externship Orientation  - ONLINE REVIEW DUE
    • Students will do an online review of 4 learning modules on Infection Control, Outcome Measures, Confidentiality, and Abuse/Neglect and take 2 quizzes before attending orientation in order to be best prepared to discuss the material.
    • Agenda for the session will be emailed directly and also posted in the Orientation section of Moodle
    • Supervisor paperwork is posted here.

Wednesday, 5/9                       

  • School Placements Start  Date

Monday, 5/21                   

  • Classes Begin

Tuesday, 5/22           

  • Remaining Placements Start Date
    • Prior to this date, students should have been in contact with their supervisor and completed any orientation or prerequisite paperwork needed
    • Most non-school placements use this date but it is flexible based on individual supervisor and facility needs
    • Report your anticipated start and end dates to Dede  

1 Week After Start Date - Externship Contracts Due!!!!

  • Return signed completed contracts to Ms. Emilie Aguilar
  • Add any conflicts and preferences for scheduling midterm to the contract form. (Midterm will be approximately 5-6 weeks after your start date) 
  • Meeting change requests - Need to submit in writing min. of 24-48 hrs in advance
  • Inform Dede and Emilie in writing (email) of the reason if you need a change in start or end date

2 Week Check-In        (Date varies by start date)

  • Provide an update to Dede on your initial progress and how you are settling in. Include information on your supervisor, how you are receiving feedback, hours progress and any concerns or questions

Tuesday, 6/12 - 7/13     MIDTERM WEEKS  (5-6 weeks after start date)

  • Mid-Semester evaluation and conference between supervisor and student prior to Loyola midterm visit
    • Dates may vary but you should do the midterm meeting with your supervisor roughly 5 weeks after the placement start
    • Dede will complete midterm evaluations either in person site visit or by phone or video conference
    • Complete midterm KASA and give or email a copy to Dede (also available in Forms section)
    • Complete stipend form and email to Emilie (also available in Forms section)

Friday, 7/13                 

  • Last Day to Withdraw from courses with grade of W

Friday 7/27 - 8/10 - Last Day/Grades Due       

  • All grades should be turned in by the last day of the placement
  • Review Final KASA together this week
  • Email the signed KASA to Dede or student can hand deliver to Dede’s mailbox at Loyola
  • Sign off on all Typhon Hours
  • Email stipend form to Emilie, if not done so already
  • Students turn in semester evaluations of supervisor. (Forms section on Moodle)  
  • August 10 is last possible day to extend placement



Janet Preis

Janet Preis

Janet Preis, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, encourages discernment, care for others, and finding good in all things in her coursework and beyond

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