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Student Identity Verification Policy and Procedure

Student identity is established through the admission process at Loyola University Maryland by review and verification of personal information, official transcripts, dates of attendance, official test scores, letters of recommendation, and, if provided by the applicant for financial aid purposes, social security number.

New students are provided access to Loyola's learning management system through a secure login and password. Individual courses can be accessed only by students registered for the course, the course instructor, and other instructional personnel, as permitted by the instructor. A password reset, if necessary, will only be granted to a student once the student provides demographic data that matches the confidential information stored in the secure university database. Students are encouraged to enroll in advance in Password Self Service utility. In the event their Loyola password is lost or forgotten the student can then return to the Password Self-Service web page and request a reset of his or her password by providing responses to confidential questions. The student will then be notified via a message to his or her non-Loyola email account with instructions to create a new password.

The use of integrated academic integrity measures, such as staged assignments to familiarize instructors with their students’ work and style, is encouraged. The use of technology to enhance asynchronous or to facilitate synchronous online experiences may also be used to create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment that subsequently provides additional verification of student identity. The use of technology coupled with specific course material in each class enables instructors to develop strong learning relationships with students that helps to safeguard academic integrity.


This procedure applies to all Loyola University Maryland credit-bearing online courses and programs.


The offices of academic departments, admission, and technology services are responsible for the consistent application of student identity verification procedures. All Loyola University Maryland employees enter into a Confidentiality Agreement with the University, by which they claim accountability "for the responsible use of University information and for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and accuracy of that information."

Additionally, all Loyola University Maryland employees must adhere to the Information Security Policy:

The unauthorized addition, modification, deletion, use, or disclosure of restricted or sensitive information owned by or in the custody of the University is expressly forbidden. In certain limited circumstances, as specified in federal and state legislation, the University may disclose restricted or sensitive information.

The University will take reasonable and appropriate steps consistent with current technological developments and accepted best practices to ensure the appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all restricted and sensitive University information.      

It is the responsibility of the University to protect the privacy of student records and identity in alignment with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Loyola University Maryland has a commitment to protect the confidentiality of student records. The University makes every effort to release information only to those individuals who have established a legitimate educational need for the information. Learn more about students' rights. Loyola University Maryland's Privacy Policy describes information collected from visitors to Loyola's websites and how that information is used.

It is the responsibility of all Loyola graduate students to adhere to Loyola’s Academic Integrity Policy, as described in the graduate catalogue.

The students of Loyola University Maryland are citizens of an academic community that will conduct itself according to an academic code of honor, following the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis and keeping within the school motto, "Strong Truths Well Lived." It is also the responsibility of all Loyola students and community members to follow the Information Systems Password Policy, specifically to the Password Protection Guidelines in section 3.3 that make explicit that user name and password should not be shared with other individuals.

Brianne Roos

Brianne Roos, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

A Loyola graduate, Brianne Roos believes Loyola’s core values help her students build relationships with future patients

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