Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Typical Course Sequence for Majors

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Freshman Year

Fall Term

  • SP 102:  Introduction to Human Communication*
  • WR  100:  Effective Writing
  • Language Core
  • Mathematics Core*
  • Social Science Core

Spring Term

  • HS 101:  History of Modern Western Civilization
  • SP 103:  Introduction to Communication Disorders*
  • Language Core or Elective
  • Science Core
  • Social Science Core

Sophomore Year

Fall Term

  • EN 101:  Understanding Literature
  • PL 201:  Foundations of Philosophy
  • SP 205:  Phonetics*
  • SP 207:  Speech and Language Development*
  • SP 301:  Anatomy and Physiology: Speech and Voice*

Spring Term

  • PL 200-Level Philosophical Perspectives Course
  • SP 201:  Fundamentals of Hearing*
  • SP 303:  Sociolinguistics*
  • English Core
  • Science Core (CH/GL/PH Courses)

Junior Year

Fall Term

  • SP 304:  Articulation and Phonology*
  • SP 306:  Observation methods and Techniques in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology*
  • TH 201:  Introduction to Theology
  • Fine Arts Core
  • Non-Departmental Elective

Spring Term

  • SP 308:  Professional and Technical Writing in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology*
  • SP 405:  Organic Bases of Childhood Communication Disorders*
  • History Core
  • Theology Core
  • Elective

Senior Year

Fall Term

  • SP 400:  Speech and Voice Science*
  • SP 412:  Clinical Seminar in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology*
  • SP 440:  Clinical Audiology*
  • Ethics Core
  • Non-Departmental Elective
  • Elective**

Spring Term

  • SP 406:  Organic Bases of Adult Communication Disorders*
  • Non-Departmental Elective
  • Elective**
  • Elective*

* Required for major - ST 110 is required.

** May be used for possible clinical placement

  1. Majors must complete one mathematics course (ST110  and two science courses (i.e., one biology and one chemistry, or physics) to fulfill the math/science core requirement. (Note: For admission into most Au.D. programs, one of the science courses must have an associated lab.)
  2. The following courses are electives within the major, and most are open to non-majors: SP214, SP312, SP314, SP414, SP 417, SP441, SP443, and SP444. Students who wish to pursue graduate studies in speech-language pathology are strongly encouraged to take SP441 in their senior year.
  3. Some states require teacher certification in order to pursue a career within the school system. Interested students should check each state's requirements and consult with their major advisor.
  4. The curriculum includes primarily core courses for the freshman and sophomore years. Students often complete two major courses in the freshman year, and a consistent number of major courses thereafter. Students planning to study abroad should talk with international programs, the Academic Advising and Support Center, and the department's director of undergraduate studies and their academic advisor during their freshman or sophomore year to plan their course of study. While the department encourages students to participate in programs that they choose, coursework in the major cannot be fulfilled in the study abroad program and the department cannot guarantee the sequence or availability of courses as outlined should the student choose to stuudy abroad.
  5. Students must complete the diversity requirement through a designated diversity core, major, or elective course (see Diversity Requirement under Curriculum and Policies). Currently, SP202 and SP312 fulfill the diversity requirement for the Class of 2010 and beyond.
  6. Major courses are offered at least one time each semester.