Loyola University Maryland

Department of Theology

David Decosimo

Recent Publications

  • "Intrinsic Goodness and Contingency, Resemblance and Particularity: Two Criticisms of Robert Adams's Finite and Infinite Goods," Studies in Christian Ethics 25.4 (Nov 2012): 418-441.
  • "Just Lies: Finding Augustine's Ethics of Public Lying in His Treatments of Lying and Killing," Journal of Religious Ethics 38.4 (Dec 2010): 661-697.
  • "Comparison and the Ubiquity of Resemblance," Journal of the American Academy of Religion 78.1 (March 2010): 226-258.
Arthur Sutherland

Arthur Sutherland, Ph.D.

An award-winning author and internationally-renowned BBQ chef, Dr. Sutherland teaches theology as well as classes in the Honors Program and Messina