Loyola University Maryland

Department of Theology

Lesley R. DiFransico

Recent Publications:

  • Washing Away Sin: An Analysis of the Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible and Its Influence. Biblical Tools and Studies Series.  Peeters Publishers.  Forthcoming 2016.
  • “ ‘He Will Cast Their Sins into the Depths of the Sea…’ Exodus Allusions and the Personification of Sin in Micah 7:7-20.” Vetus Testamentum.  Forthcoming 2016.
  • “Identifying Inner-Biblical Allusion through Metaphor: Washing Away Sin in Psalm 51.” Vetus Testamentum 65 (2015): 542-57.
  • “Women in the Bible, Critical Issues Regarding” in Lexham Bible Dictionary (2014).  
  • “Repentance,” "Sacrifice," and "Guilt" in Lexham Theological Wordbook (2014). 
Dr. Matthews

Claire Mathews McGinnis, Ph.D.

Claire Mathews McGinnis, Ph.D., encourages her students to follow in the footsteps of St. Ignatius by listening to their desires