Loyola University Maryland

Department of Theology

Lesley R. DiFransico

Recent Publications:

  • Washing Away Sin: An Analysis of the Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible and Its Influence. Biblical Tools and Studies Series.  Peeters Publishers.  Forthcoming 2016.
  • “ ‘He Will Cast Their Sins into the Depths of the Sea…’ Exodus Allusions and the Personification of Sin in Micah 7:7-20.” Vetus Testamentum.  Forthcoming 2016.
  • “Identifying Inner-Biblical Allusion through Metaphor: Washing Away Sin in Psalm 51.” Vetus Testamentum 65 (2015): 542-57.
  • “Women in the Bible, Critical Issues Regarding” in Lexham Bible Dictionary (2014).  
  • “Repentance,” "Sacrifice," and "Guilt" in Lexham Theological Wordbook (2014). 
Julia Cataneo


For Julia, the meaningful relationships she formed with professors has made Loyola feel like home

Economics, Theology