Loyola University Maryland

The Washington Montessori Institute (WMI)

Montessori Learning Aims

The learning aims for Loyola's Montessori graduate program are as follows:

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Montessori instructional methods and materials appropriate to specific age groups.
  • Articulate the relationship of learning at a specific age group to the broader continuum of human development.
  • Apply knowledge of the liberal arts to the design of integrated, interdisciplinary curricula.
  • Develop the academic, professional, and personal skills to independently direct a Montessori classroom.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize research.
  • Practice facilitation skills to elicit independent student activity and exploration.
  • Demonstrate consideration and respect for each child as an intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual being.
  • Develop community-building skills based upon a fundamental respect for children and adults.
  • Advocate for the rights of all children.