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M.Ed. in Primary Montessori Education (Ages 3-6) Academic Year Format

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The Washington Montessori Institute (WMI) will become an independent AMI training center in the greater Washington, DC area as of Summer 2020.  For more information about WMI's future programs, call 410-617-7777 or email- infowmi@loyola.edu.

The M.Ed. in Primary Montessori education (ages 3-6) consists of 36 graduate credits. The majority of the coursework is the AMI training, which occurs over a 9-month academic year. This course of study is awarded 27 credit hours. The remaining nine credits are three traditional graduate courses and are taken once the AMI training is complete.  These education core courses are designed to broaden the students’ knowledge of research and trends in the field of education.

Montessori Training

The Montessori primary training course offered by the Washington Montessori Institute is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale and presents theory lectures on Montessori philosophy and child development. Students also study specialized materials, all of which are arranged in a carefully prepared environment. The materials for development include activities for practical life, refinement of the senses, language and mathematics.  Cultural and science materials are also incorporated into the curriculum. In addition, students gain the skills needed to guide a group of children, both theoretically and through their experience practice teaching.

Students attend class all day, five days a week. The training is presented as an integrated program of theory, methodology, practice sessions, observation, and practice teaching.

Students write theory papers exploring each of ten essential topics. Each student crafts his or her own illustrated reference manuals, one for each of the four areas of the prepared environment. Another aspect of preparation for teaching is creating a variety of classroom materials under the supervision of the faculty.

A unique aspect of the AMI course of study is regular, hands-on practice with materials in the model classroom environment. Students learn how to set up an appropriate environment and present age-appropriate materials and activities in areas suitable to the developmental stage of the child.

When the AMI written examinations are passed and all requirements have been completed, 27 graduate credits (MO designation) are posted to the students Loyola transcript. In addition, when AMI oral comprehensive examinations are successfully completed, the AMI diploma is awarded.

MACTE logoThe Washington Montessori Institute holds accredited status for its Primary and Elementary Montessori teacher education certification course levels from the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2024. www.macte.org

Educational Core Courses

After completing the AMI Montessori course of training, students take three additional three-credit courses  which comprise the educational core:  Foundations of Research in Education, Teaching Students with Special Needs and Montessori Capstone: Professional Learning Plan.

The three core courses are offered in a special, intensive four-week summer session, which must be completed within five years of beginning the program.

A student must have achieved the AMI diploma by successfully completing all course work, including written and oral exams, before attending the M.Ed. core courses.

2019-2020 Calendar

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