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M.Ed. in Elementary Montessori Education (Ages 6-12) Academic Year Format

Young students

**The M.Ed. in Elementary Montessori education (ages 6-12) is currently in its final year and will not be offered for the Fall 2019 year.**

Montessori Training

The Montessori elementary training course offered by the Washington Montessori Institute is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale. This course of study introduces you to the elementary child, and her unique characteristics. We explore manipulative materials, lessons, and techniques that respond to these characteristics and equip students to teach children of this age in a Montessori school. Students learn how to be a storyteller and ignite interest and excitement in the children.

Students attend their classes as a cohort, full-time five days a week. The training program during these two semesters is presented as an integrated program of child development, methodology, practice, observation, and practice teaching. Students write illustrated reference manuals that contain lessons to offer elementary children. Working closely with their trainers, they also prepare certain materials required in a Montessori elementary classroom.

A unique aspect of the AMI course of study is regular practice with Montessori manipulative materials in a class setting. Students learn how to set up an appropriate environment and present age-appropriate materials and activities in areas suitable to their developmental stage.

The Washington Montessori Institute holds accredited status for its Primary and Elementary Montessori teacher education certification course levels from the Montessori MACTE logoAccreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) through the year 2024. www.macte.org

Educational Core Courses

After completing the AMI Montessori course of training, students take three additional three-credit courses, which comprise the educational core:  Foundations of Research in Education, Teaching Students with Special Needs and Montessori Capstone: Professional Learning Plan.

The three core courses are offered in a special, intensive four-week summer session, which must be completed within five years of beginning the program.

A student must have achieved the AMI diploma by successfully completing all course work, including written and oral exams, before attending the M.Ed. core courses.

2018-19 Calendar

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